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Kristen Johnson Brogan      

Registered Dietitian, Author, Superfood Chef, Yoga Instructor & Mindful Living Expert

Kristen Brogan is a Professional Speaker, Registered Dietitian, Yoga Instructor, Superfood Chef, Best Selling Author of Target To Table: Healthy & Delicious Meals One Superfood At A Time and The Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living.

Kristen and the dynamic team at On Target Living work with organizations large and small to transform performance form the inside out through speaking engagements and retreat style trainings. They have a proven system for expanding human capacity, optimizing talent, creating a happier workplace culture, driving performance outcomes and helping to make health a business strategy.

Kristen's focus is to energize and motivate her audiences to live healthy without making sacrifices. She specializes in unlocking happiness, optimal health, and mindful living by building lasting habits and transforming lifestyles. Her approach is centered on teaching a lifestyle that blends mindful eating, mindful moving, and mindful resting to build your whole self.

Speech Topics

Mindfully Delicious: The Recipe for Your Best Life (Cooking Demonstation)

Food is our universal language; but not all of us talk food the same. Philosophies and beliefs about what to eat, how to eat, and why to eat certain foods abound. We have made the simple act of eating, complicated and stressful. Worse, we have taken the fun and love out of it. Join Kristen Brogan in this one of a kind culinary experience as she shows you how to live healthy without giving up the things you love. She’ll teach you how to make the act of eating simple, easy and fun through her mindful eating approach to food while showing you how to cook meals that are healthy and delicious. This ultimate foodie experience blends a mindful eating presentation with a dynamic cooking demonstration to blow your mind and taste buds and show you how to make food and eating an experience. From oatmeal, smoothies and salads to French toast, cookies and cakes, nothing is off limits when you live mindfully delicious. Mindful eating guide and delicious samples included.

Mindful Leadership: Leading With Purpose While Inspiring Others

Stress, anxiety, depression, poor health and work/life imbalances are rampant inside most organizations. How can you produce results and inspire those around you when the world just keeps speeding up? Join Kristen Brogan, Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living as she shows you how to be a mindful leader who stays focused amongst constant distractions, maintains a high level of energy in the present moment, and has the ability to stay calm in a world of chaos and stress. In this eye- opening presentation, Kristen will share groundbreaking insights for expanding human capacity and discovering the power of feeling your best. At the end of the presentation, participants will be guided through a short meditation for reducing stress, improving productivity, and unlocking the mindful leader in them. It’s not about showing up anymore, it’s about showing up with purpose in the here and the now.

Hungry For Happiness: Food, Mood & the Gut Brain Connection

Twenty- three hundred years ago, Aristotle concluded that, more than anything else, men and women seek happiness. And even though we are surrounded by more luxuries and opportunities than ever before—we are actually less happy. 450 million people struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia, and substance abuse. Research suggests that this rise in mental health conditions could be due to higher demands people are facing in the workplace, lack of recovery from stress, and over stimulation of social media and electronic devices. Although many of these conditions start in the mind, they can impact our entire being. From mental health to physical health, Kristen Brogan, Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living will give you simple strategies for recovering from this over processed world as she reveals the secret to lifelong happiness.

Flow: Experience Your Best Self Through Mindful Living

In today’s business climate, demands are increasing, human capacity is shrinking, and stress is at an all-time high. We are running out of space at work and in our lives and it time to intentionally reprogram our human capacity to do more, give more, and use our advanced resources to thrive instead of fizzle. What would life be like if you could enter your most productive, creative mental state at will? In this presentation, Kristen Johnson Brogan will teach you how to combine mindfulness, food, and movement to build your best self and flow into a state of peak performance. Within the first 37 seconds, Kristen will have you hanging on to her every word as she brings her authentic personality, stories, and humor to engage and captivate. Kristen will share key ideas and a series of breakthrough insights to help you to create a state of state of momentum and growth. Most importantly, Kristen will leave you with simple action steps for achieving better work flow, life flow, while helping you to find more balance in your everyday.

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