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Kristina Bergsten      

Animal Attorney, Owner & Founder of The Animal Law Firm

Kristina Bergsten is the owner and founder of The Animal Law Firm. She fights for the underdog in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, taking on the “ruff” cases in all areas of animal law: pet custody, dog bite defense, service animal representation, puppy purchase contract disputes, equestrian and agister contracts, veterinary malpractice, and more. Bergsten has been forging new paths in the legal field to create a justice system that is centered around animal welfare and keeping pets with their people.

Speech Topics

What is an Animal Attorney?

An animal attorney is someone who represents pets and their people in dog bite defense, veterinary malpractice, service animal representation, pet custody disputes, breeder contract disputes, equestrian and agister contracts, and so much more. This topic would cover basic steps the average person can take to protect their pets and themselves if they ever find themselves in a situation where their dog bites a person or another animal, if a veterinarian harms or kills their pet, or if someone puts a lien on their horse or other agricultural animal.

Achieving Animal Personhood through “Pet Law”

Animals have thoughts and feelings the same as you and me. The average person on the street is horrified to learn that their beloved dog or cat is classified as “property” under the law, no different than a chair or hair dryer. The way to achieving personhood for animals, or changing their classification to sentient beings is through the emotional appeal of the every day pet owner through “pet law.”

What is the Difference between Emotional Support Animals/Service Animals and Why Should I Care?

As animals increasingly become a staple of American home-life, this session will empower you with a clearer understanding of the FHA and ADA so you and/or your business can know your rights if someone enters your property with an animal. This session would also effectively educate a service animal or emotional support animal handler to know his/her rights when confronted with potential discrimination.

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