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CEO & Founder of No Regrets Consulting, Performance Improvement Expert-Speaker, Coach, Mentor and Consultant

Kurt Buehlmaier is the CEO and Founder of No Regrets Consulting LLC, a firm specializing in human performance and productivity. Kurt is an expert in the area of human performance improvement. He is a former educator and administrator turned motivational speaker with a passion for helping people unlock their potential. He has been recognized as a Master Teacher and Coach by peers, students, players, and parents. A member of Mensa, Kurt has completed graduate work in the area of Educational Psychology and uses those principles, along with the study in the areas of Adult Education, motivation, and business to identify potential and maximize performance within individuals and organizations alike.


Speech Topics

Turning Management into Leadership

In the business world, many people mistake “managers” for leaders; this is a terrible mistake with dire consequences. The typical manager will focus on doing things right however they will do so at the sacrifice of doing the right thing. The great leaders understand that doing the right thing is more important AND that doing the right thing IS doing things right. They will find a way to meet the needs of those in charge while providing support and inspiration for those following them. They treat people how they would want to be treated and not as statistics or cogs in a machine. Because of this, they see remarkable results! In this seminar we will discuss how to turn managers into leaders.

Time Management & Effective Meetings

You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. However, you can use your time much more effectively, allowing you to do more with less, which is critical for the small business owner. In such a fast paced world with rapidly changing technology and social media capabilities that can make or break a small business very quickly, it is critical that time is used effectively. A variety of tactics will be discussed that small business owners can use themselves as well as put into effect with their staff. One way to free up time is to understand how to run effective meetings in order to reduce time spent meeting and increase time spent doing. Much of an employee’s (and therefore the company’s) time is not utilized properly in meetings. This program will examine how to place focus on quality and productivity instead of quantity and presenteeism. Meetings will all have a purpose, a clear agenda, take up less time, and everyone in the organization will have an understanding of how to maximize the use of their time.

Conflict Management

Conflict can be damaging to relationships, productivity, morale, company culture and, in turn, profits. Proactive management techniques (especially effective communication) can keep conflict from happening in the first place. This seminar will provide understanding of conflict styles and types, sources of conflict, and step by step techniques to reduce and eliminate that conflict. It will also provide information to facilitate organizational communication, while utilizing different methods (face to face, IM, web chat, etc.), generational differences, and personal preferences. This seminar will help your organization maximize the effectiveness of communication both vertically and horizontally. Reducing conflict and increasing communication will facilitate knowledge transfer, clarify chain of command, and expedite projects and tasks, all of which will lead to dramatic improvements in your business.

Leadership Development

Leaders are critical in every facet of life; politics, economics, sports, education, and business just to name a few. Great leaders empower those that they lead and the principles of leadership can be the same even when the fields they are being applied to are vastly different. In this seminar we will discuss characteristics of great leaders and how you can utilize those characteristics to benefit your small business. We will also examine how to turn managers into leaders. We will discuss how to identify and motivate the potential leaders within your small business as well as how to enhance your own leadership characteristics in order to inspire those you lead.

Generational Diversity Management

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials (born after 1983) and the most engaged generation of the four currently in the workforce are the traditionalists (born 1925-1945). More than anyone, small business owners and managers need to understand the differences between the four generations in the workplace including their strengths, weaknesses, motivators, communication preferences, and learning styles. The information in this seminar will help small business owners and managers be able to more efficiently utilize the skill sets amongst their intergenerational staff by facilitating collaboration and mutual mentorship. This workshop will provide an understanding of why each generation does the things they do and your organization will realize an increase in productivity as the best of the best for skills can be highlighted and shared across your small business.

Soft Skills for Workplace Success

Employers today are looking for more than just a degree. They want skills that you can’t see on paper: problem solving, teamwork, and adaptability. People who are passionate, dependable, resourceful, and good communicators are seeing the greatest amount of professional success. Mastery of these soft skills is what sets people apart from their competition. This interactive course will provide an overview of a variety of soft skills that you can use to increase your emotional intelligence, maximize your performance in the workplace and make yourself more marketable. You will gain knowledge of: Leadership, Team Building, Motivation, Communication, Decision Making, Diversity, Conflict Management, Flexibility, and Differentiation. Utilizing these skills will help you get the job you want as well as develop better relationships in the workplace.

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