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Digital Marketing Pioneer, Business & Sales Speaker

Larry Bailin is a sought-after keynote speaker, two-time bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur/executive, and a real crowd favorite across the country.

A true expert on sales, marketing, and consumer behavior in a modern connected world. Your audience will earn a lifetime of business growth knowledge after seeing Bailin on the stage, and they’ll have fun doing it!

Bailin’s tell-it-like-it-is “Jersey Boy” style is infectious and relatable. A truly interactive, fast-paced and wildly relevant presenter, you’ll quickly see why for nearly 2 decades, Bailin has not only been a crowd favorite but a speaker that organizations request to have back year-after-year.

Bailin’s speaking topics touch on the most up-to-date and crucial sales and marketing issues facing businesses of all sizes and types. From the ever-changing behavior of digital consumers to being found in a noisy world when consumer engagement is at a premium.

Widely considered an authority and digital marketing pioneer, Bailin started his digital marketing career in 1994 and has not slowed down since. He is a go-to expert for the press and has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA Today, CEO Magazine, The Street, to name a few. He’s been called “one of the top minds in the business” by the Yahoo! Marketing team and dubbed, “The Master of Marketing” by the press.

Bailin has been hired by Microsoft, UPS, YMCA (The Y), NAMM, Carrier, Synchrony, Tenant, GE, and others.

Hitch your event’s wagon to this highly rated keynote speaker and he won’t disappoint. Bailin will make you look great and give your attendees something to talk about for a long time to come.

Speech Topics

Marketing in an Apocalypse – Effects of Rapid Change in Consumer Behavior

Few of us have the luxury of not moving forward when the walls are coming down around us. Those who can push through adversity tend to come out the other side shot out of a cannon!

Every business on the planet was and continues to be affected by the fallout from the pandemic, but the bigger story is one of consumer evolution.

Effects and adjustments to consumer behavior caused by a global pandemic, worldwide lockdowns, and living in a limited supply world have taken consumer buying habits years into the future.

Worldwide issues have accelerated consumer disruption like no other time in history. What does this rapid change mean for the future? What fundamental shifts and trends can businesses of all types expect to see in the coming days, months, and years?

An in-depth view of what’s changed in online (and offline) marketing and how every business must shift to meet the post-pandemic consumer.

How to shift sales and marketing strategies for the new “next” and be completely prepared for rapid marketing and consumer transformation.

When the world changed, why did some businesses thrive while others struggled? Listen as Larry Bailin shares insights on how businesses must adapt to post-pandemic customers living in a limited-supply world.

Together we will explore technology and integrations, consumer expectations, buying trends, in-the-moment commerce, social and mobile-assisted persuasion, and more!

Learn to understand new buying habits, motivations, and elevated consumer expectations. Determine which marketing strategies yield the greatest opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Valuable Takeaways

  • What it takes to be truly pandemic proof
  • Understand new consumer behaviors and decision-making processes
  • Emerging marketing trends that are creating strong consumer connections
  • Email, Google, TikTok, YouTube, and other connective platforms, which ones yield the greatest results?
  • Being found vs. being chosen, how to create value-based engagement
  • Global industry trends and what they mean for your future
  • Assistive technology and how Google Home, Alexa, and Siri are changing the way consumers search, click, and buy
  • And more!

Badass Marketer!™ – What it Takes to be a Great Marketer in a Connected Culture, and Create Truly Great Marketing.

Do you think you’re a good marketer? What about a great marketer? Do you know the difference between good and great? Once you know the difference, you’re on the path to truly being a Badass Marketer™.

Learn what it takes to win in a noisy world of unlimited choices and dis-loyal consumers. Understand the new rules and sales and marketing and how to adapt your behavior to maximize effectiveness and become a true Badass Marketer™

Sales and marketing expert, @LarryBailin helps us take a deep look inside the belly of the marketing machines and shows us what's new, what's coming, what works, and where we go to make the best connections possible. See how companies are making Badass Marketing moves every day and how you can too. It’s time to find your inner Badass and get what’s yours!

2020 – The Decade of Hindsight Meets the Age of Insight. Understand where we are going by analyzing where we’ve been

In a decade that will see the birth of a new generation of connected consumers, the rise of artificial intelligence and a more focused and informed buyer than has ever been seen before.

We look at the past to understand our future, to learn all that we will need to know about the future of consumer engagement, what has changed in sales and marketing and what has been instrumental in bringing us to this point, and where will it bring us next.

We’ll take a look into the future and learn what we can do right now to compete in a noisy world of virtually unlimited choices with an equal amount of opportunities to reach higher than ever before.

Digital Marketing pioneer, @LarryBailin helps us take a deep look inside the belly of the marketing machines and shows us what's new, what's coming, what works, and where we go to make the best connections possible. It’s time to explore our digital ecosystem and truly understand the new opportunities that lie before us.

Fingertips to Footsteps – Disrupting the Marketing Norms in an Age of Assistance

Things move pretty fast in this digital world and in an instant, you're either a thoughtful reminder of how things should be done or a thoughtless example of how failure is born.

How do we connect in this Age of Assistance, when choices are limitless, but time is not? In the Age of Assistance, consumers seek immediacy and utility. Hear how search giants like Google and social behemoths like Facebook and Instagram are reshaping sales and marketing engagement. How digital assistive devices like Amazon’s Echo (Alexa), Apple’s Siri and Google Home devices are reshaping consumer behavior and how products, services, and brands are found.

Digital Marketing pioneer, @LarryBailin helps us take a deep look inside the belly of the marketing machines and shows us what's new, what's coming, what works, and where we go to make the best connections possible. It’s time to explore our digital ecosystem and truly understand the new opportunities for consumer “assisted” engagement.


Single Throw CEO Larry Bailin helps his clients “cut through the noise”
When Single Throw Internet Marketing signed the Ray Catena family of luxury car dealerships on as a client, its first task was to rid the auto retailer of digital marketing “waste.”
Motivational Business Speaker, Larry Bailin, Releases Interactive Website
Online PR News – 23-September-2011 – – Google’s top hit for humorous motivational speaker, Larry Bailin, releases a website just as snappy and engaging as his keynote speeches.
Single Throw Internet Marketing CEO, Larry Bailin, Named Executive of the Year
CEO of Single Throw Internet Marketing, Larry Bailin has been named Executive of the Year, 2013. The winner was announced at the NJBiz Business of the Year Awards in Somerset Park, NJ.

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