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Laura Lynne Jackson  

Author, Teacher & Psychic Medium

Laura Lynne Jackson is a Certified Research Medium with the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential in Arizona, as well as a Certified Medium, and member of the advisory board, for the Forever Family Foundation, a group that promotes a better understanding of Afterlife Science and provides comfort and services to grieving people who have lost loved ones.

Laura discovered her gift as a young woman, but kept her unique abilities hidden from her very normal, suburban life. By day she taught high school English and cared for her three children; at night, she would speak privately on the phone with celebrities, athletes, scientists, and CEOs, connecting them with loved ones who had passed away and conveying information with shocking accuracy and insight, building a bridge beyond the accepted bounds of human experience. Her book, The Light Between Us, coming out this fall, will combine stories from her experience with the science behind her abilities and present a new understanding of the vast reach of our consciousness that gives way to a more expansive set of beliefs.

Over the last 20 years Laura Lynne has developed friendships with many of the leading figures in the field of Afterlife Science, including Dr. Kenneth Ring, the cofounder of the International Association for Near-Death Studies and the founding editor of The Journal of Near Death Studies, and John R. Audette, founder of the International Association for Near Death Studies and co-founder, along with Eben Alexander, of ETERNEA, a global organization devoted to understanding the “convergence of science and spirituality.” Laura Lynne is also a high school English teacher and the mother of three children, whom she is raising on Long Island with her husband Garrett, an attorney.


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Speech Topics

Loss, Grief, and Healing: Lessons from the Other Side

Laura Lynne Jackson’s first experience as a psychic medium was as she was a little girl, with the loss of her grandfather. Since then, through her experiences communicating with the other side, Laura has come to learn that we are spiritual beings in human form. The greatest power we possess is the power to love. It is this love that connects us all—from the Earth plane to the spiritual plane. Anyone we love is linked us by unbreakable bonds that transcend time and space; love is the strongest bond that exists. Laura explains that our loved ones who have crossed over to the spiritual plane are never lost to us. They are still around us, surrounding us and encouraging us to discover our life’s path and purpose, to breathe into our losses and continue to move forward with love and light.

Purpose and Potential: Lessons for the Living

As a psychic medium, Laura has learned that there are no accidents. Every experience and individual that comes into your life offers you a unique opportunity to learn and grow. Your life has a purpose—there is a reason you are here. Laura explains that you have the power to influence and change the world, and that love is the force behind it all.

The Light Between Us: Stories from Heaven, Lessons for the Living

Laura Lynne Jackson shares her astonishing true story: that she is a psychic medium and is able to converse with souls from the other side. She tells of how she struggled with her abilities and even denied them for many years—then ultimately came to find peace through scientific understanding of her gift, discovering that she could help people come to terms with loss. With raw honesty and fearlessness, Laura Lynne shares the deeply affecting lessons she has learned in her work, teaching us what she has come to understand about the universe in order to help us live better lives in the here and now.

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