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Creative and Innovative Training Techniques That Work

Lee Silber is a former surf shop owner who became a best selling author. How did he do it? That's what his speeches are all about—how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Lee takes life lessons and business advice and brings it to life in his multimedia presentations that are more of an experience than a speech. With 22 books to pull from, he has dozens of different topics, here are just a few:

Think Quick

Take This Job and Love It

Dates in Your Calendar are Closer Than They Appear

It's Not You, It's Me

New and Improved

Next Player Up



Speech Topics

The Wild Idea Club

The best ideas often come from members, customers, and frontline workers. A Wild Idea Club gets ideas from the bottom to top in organizations big and small.

Take This Job and Love It

Happy employees are more productive and less likely to leave. Get your people to fall back in love with their work and watch them go the extra mile.

Think Different

Learn how innovators think differently to stay one step ahead of the rest. Borrow from the biggest thinkers and the best companies who use innovation to lead.

Think Fast

Life moves at the speed of thought and we need quick thinking to keep pace. Train your brain to think fast and find solutions to challenges as they happen.

Next Player Up

Maintain and build your organization by developing your team’s next leaders. Effective examples and ideas for a smooth and successful succession.

Dates in Your Calendar Are Closer Than They Appear

We’re all beyond busy, but we can still be both balanced and successful. Modern ways to find time to think, plan, play, work, and love, regardless of how busy we are.

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