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Tech Leader, Performance Coach & Author of "UNSTUCK: Reframe Your Thinking to Free Yourself From the Patterns and People that Hold You Back"

Lia Garvin is the bestselling author of "Unstuck," TEDx speaker, and organizational effectiveness consultant & coach with experience leading team operations across Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America.

As the Founder of the The Workplace Reframe organizational consulting firm, she equips innovative organizations of any size and industry with the tools to cultivate inclusive, motivated, high performing teams resulting in higher retention, more efficiency, and better business results.

She is a sought after expert in the media, featured across Inc, FastCompany, ABC News, CNN Business, US News & World Report, HBR, and TV News.

Speech Topics

Inclusion is More Than a Happy Hour - Three Keys to Building Inclusive Teams

When trying to build more inclusion on a team, the first place many companies start is with the social events, but social events fall flat if you don’t have the fundamentals in place. Instead, make sure these three things are true, and you’ll have better team performance, and social events that people can’t wait to be a part of:

  • (1) Transparency in communication and decisions - people feel included when they are in the know, and need to see that they’re trusted with the information they need to do their jobs and understand how decisions are made
  • (2) Encouragement of taking risks - the cost of mistakes if often higher for people in underrepresented backgrounds; change this by making it safe to make mistakes and learn on your team
  • (3) Recognizing and rewarding all kinds of work - many teams have an “A Team” who does all of the visible and important work, and a “B Team” who operates behind the scenes. We know when we’re on the B Team and it makes us question why we’re there at all. Disrupt this construct by recognizing and rewarding all work happening on your team

The End of Micromanaging - Three Skills to Help Managers Scale

  • We’ve all heard the saying “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers” and between the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and low employee engagement data coming out of the Gallup organization, employees have had enough
  • Micromanaging is often done unintentionally, in effort to gain control in a situation - but the truth is, the best thing great managers do is step away so others can step up
  • We can end micromanaging once and for all by (1) building stronger relationships with our team so there is trust and psychological safety, (2) delivering both positive and constructive feedback effectively and routinely, and (3) delegating to empower team members and owners

The Secret to Overcoming Rejection - It’s Not You, It’s Your Approach

When we encounter a setback or rejection, we often go into the mode of “there must be something wrong with me,” or “it will never happen for me,” forgetting to recognize that “we” aren’t the variable in the equation, our approach is.

  • By reframing the limiting belief that something is wrong with us, we can open ourselves to changing our approach, because when you change your approach, you change your outcome.
  • In this topic I will share with listeners how literally ALL professional successes I have had (UCLA, job at Google, book deal, TEDx talk) came after multiple rejections, and how deploying this mantra was transformational for me in picking myself back up after defeat and eventually persevering - leaving them empowered and inspired to do it to.

Decisions Aren’t The End, They Are Only The Beginning

When we’re perfectionist minded or tend to be over thinkers, decision making can be one of the biggest places we get tripped up. For me, sometimes deciding whether to order the Caesar salad or the Cobb becomes a decision as daunting as deciding where to rent my next apartment.

  • When we stop trusting ourselves to make decisions, or fall into the trap of overthinking, everything becomes overwhelming - especially when it comes to decisions at work or with our business.
  • In this talk I will reframe the finality of decisions, reminding listeners of the lesson I shared in my TEDx talk, that decisions aren’t the end, they are only the beginning, and dive into how to use my Free Trial method to demystify big decisions

Billion Dollar Ops Strategies for Million Dollar Businesses

Spending over a decade in the corporate world, driving team operations within some of the biggest names in tech and finance from Bank of America, to Microsoft, to Apple, to Google, I know what sets apart the teams that rise to the occasion to perform at their best despite any challenge that’s thrown at them…. And the ones that crack under pressure

  • And the difference isn’t about skill or tenure - it’s about process.
  • When we bring clarity, simplicity, and accountability to HOW work gets done, we can focus on any what
  • For businesses looking to scale from $1M to $5M or even $10M, nailing “how” work gets done and making sure your whole team is on board is critical for making it to that next milestone
  • In our conversation, I’ll dive through the 6 fundamental elements for a billion dollar Ops Strategy that I cultivated over years in the corporate world so you have the exact playbook to scale your business

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