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YouTuber Famously Known as IISuperwomanII

Lilly Singh is a YouTuber famously known as IISuperwomanII. Today, her channel has over 600 million views and over five million subscribers.

Born in Scarborough, Canada, Lilly lives with her parents (her Mom is her best friend) and will not do anything that she cannot tell her mother about. She uses this philosophy and her spirituality as her guiding force – and her shield against the haters that sometimes show up after video posts.

Mostly Lilly gets a whole lot of love. She has dialed in the formula as Superwoman to make that intangible connection with her audience. She has many followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She vlogs and makes comedy sketch videos about various topics, from shopping at the mall to superstitions to being single. Her work is influenced by her Indian heritage, which she takes great pride in. She has worked on different collaborations with other You Tubers such as Miranda Sings, Ryan Higa, and Hannah Hart. She often features characters inspired by her Punjabi parents, such as her mother "Paramjeet", and "Manjeet", her strict, conservative father (all played by Lilly).

Each month on the 14th, Lilly hosts a live show where different people all over the world ask her questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AskSuperwomanLive. She answers most of the questions and sometimes has guests such as Humble the Poet, Inkquisitive, and Hannah Hart.


Lilly Singh talks about growing up in Toronto, her struggle with depression, and how she discovered YouTube as a means for coping with her unhappiness.
While Hollywood Squabbles About Race, YouTube Has #NoFilter on Diversity

“I mean, yeah, my parent characters have Indian accents, but the jokes are universal; the content is universal,” Singh told VideoInk during the interview for her Creator of the Year profile in December. “I think the best thing I’m doing is I’m trying to be as successful as I can be in what I do, and I’m trying to normalize the idea of someone who looks like me being on billboards and being on magazines and being on these popularity lists.”

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