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Your Voice Is Your Vocal Resume! Work With An Expert!

Linda Shields is a speech pathologist, career-saving voice coach, keynote speaker, radio personality, columnist and the president of Speaking With Authority, Inc. She has extensive media experience and connects with people in a real and personal way. Linda enlightens and entertains with eye-opening "oh my gosh" insights into an area of an individual's image that most people are not aware of, how the quality of their voice impacts their daily life.

Linda Shields is also award-winning book author. "The Voice That Means Business: How To Speak With Authority, Confidence and Credibility Anytime...Anywhere" has impacted countless clients and radio/TV listeners with its practical voice tips and techniques for improving in the way people communicate both personally and professionally. Whether you are going for a new job, a promotion or raise or want to get your spouse, your kids or your dog to pay attention to you when you speak (we don't include cats because cats don't listen to anyone), learning how to use your voice can make a dramatic difference in your daily life.

Linda's strong educational background is the foundation of her work. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Speech Pathology and a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech and Hearing Association. Her client list includes top executives, entertainment, media and professional presenters.

For a fun interview that hits people where they work and live, book a house call from the "voice doc", Linda Shields!

Linda works with meeting planners personally to create a powerful program based on the client’s theme and core issues. Her programs are energetic, entertaining, and interactive, and audience members experience a true model of the “voice that means business,” receiving practical, immediately implementable techniques to enhance their vocal image and improve the bottom line.

The Voice That Means Business: Creating a Vocal Image That Improves Your Bottom Line You are proficient in the language of your business, but your voice is the tool that determines the extent of your success. If you want to develop a voice that means business, gets business, and keeps business, this is the keynote for you! During this dynamic program, you will conduct a “Vocal Audit” to identify your assets and liabilities; earn interest on your vocal power by investing small amounts of time to practice; reap the dividends of identifying and using your unique voice.

Voices, Vices, and Victories: How to Talk Yourself Into the Life You Deserve We all have them: those little voices in our head that steal our joy and keep us from our heart’s desires. They creep into our thoughts in the middle of the night, when we are about to try something new, or when we’re feeling tired or stressed out. The good news is that we have the right to talk back to these gremlins … and watch them disappear! In this entertaining, yet powerful keynote, Linda shares (in character!) the top ten negative voices we experience (such as the Critic and the Victim), and offers practical and do-able techniques to talk back with authority!

Shape Up Your Voice or Ship Out Your Career: Top 10 Tips to Tone Up Your Vocal Power You spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars working to get your body into shape, but are you overlooking a very critical part of your fitness program? Until your VOICE is in shape, you are not totally toned up — and it can have a dramatic impact on your career! This is an interactive program, in which Linda draws on her background as a Master Trainer with Interactive Fitness Trainers of America to create metaphors between personal and vocal fitness. Audiences have fun learning how to maintain vocal wellness; exercise vocal variety to motivate, educate, and persuade; and create a consistently confident, credible vocal image.

Linda Shields Offers Voice Coaching

Linda’s Coaching Mission:

The essence of Linda’s mission as a vocal image coach is that her clients must have a voice that means business, makes business, and keeps business to remain competitive in today's global marketplace. Professionals must get on better speaking terms with themselves. Most people spend a fortune on their hair, nails, skin, body and clothing, but neglect the one feature that can make or break their career — their voice! When it comes to credible service, your resume may be your "calling card," but your voice is your "business card."


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