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Linnda Durre, Ph.D.        

Psychotherapist, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Published Author, Magazine and Newspaper Columnist, TV and Radio Talk Show Host

Linnda Durré, Ph.D. is a psychotherapist, business consultant, author, TV & radio talk show host, sports performance coach, corporate trainer, international speaker, magazine and newspaper columnist and media guest. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, professional and trade associations, non-profit organizations, the Orlando Magic and professional and amateur athletes.

She has done customer service training, time efficiency and stress management seminars, conflict resolutions, strategic planning, downsizing preparation, communication techniques, assertiveness training, diversity awareness, sexual harassment prevention seminars, sales technique lectures, visualization and goal setting seminars, values clarification classes, and other empowerment workshops.

Durré received her B.A. in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, and her M.A. and her Ph.D. in Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, now known as Alliant University. She is also a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor and Mental Health Counselor. She was an adjunct professor of psychology at Rollins College.

Durré is the author of "Great Relationships Manual: A Guide to Share Yourself with Your Partner" and "Surviving the Toxic Workplace: Protect Yourself Against the Co-Workers, Bosses and Work Environments That Poison Your Day." She has been a columnist for numerous publications including Forbes, Management Issues, Orlando Leisure Magazine, eBossWatch, In Focus Magazine and Holistic Health News.

Speech Topics


  • Top Sports Performance
  • How to Have a Happy Marriage
  • How to Have a Happy Family
  • Overcoming Fears to Success & Obstacles in Your Life
  • Make Your Dreams Come True
  • The Worst Things Can Be the Best Things - What Rejection Can Teach
  • The 3 P’s - Positivity, Persistence & Productivity


Depression & Anxiety


Grief & Mourning

Mental Disorders



Prayer & Meditation

Guided Imagery & Visualization

Life Mission & Purpose

Dream Interpretation

Universal Beliefs

Religious & Spiritual Path

Coping with Adversity

The Power of Prayer in Healing


Stress Management

Time Management

Communication Skills

Assertiveness Training

Anger Management

Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Motivation & Excellence

Make Your Dreams Come True


Active Listening


Family Dynamics

Having a Hot Relationship

Dysfunctional Families

Parent Education


Children & Adolescents

Effects of Divorce on Children

Separation & Divorce

Adoption & Infertility

Miscarriage & Stillborns

Domestic Violence

Blended Families


School Phobias & Adjustments

Hyperactivity & HDAD

Attention Deficit Disorders

Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities

Parent Education

Special Needs Children

Parent-Teacher Communication

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Personality Disorders


Peak Performance & Training

Motivation & Discipline

Prime Health & Nutrition

Teammates & Coaches

Temptations on the Road

Stress on the Spouse & Family

Dealing with the Press

Coping with Fans & Detractors


Aging & Retirement

Menopause & Mid-Life Crisis

Empty Nest Syndrome

Separation & Divorce

Grief, Loss & Widowhood

The New Baby

Engagements & Marriage


Drugs & Alcohol

Food & Eating Disorders




Sex & Love

Co-Dependence & Enabling

Rehab & Recovery

Children of Alcoholics

Dysfunctional Families


Prime Health & Well Being

The Power of Prayer & Faith

Exercise & Weight Control

Obesity, Bulimia & Anorexia

Fitness, Diet & Nutrition

Psychological Roots of Disease

Unresolved Anger & Rage

Effects of Negative Thinking


Childhood & Life Trauma

Child Abuse & Neglect

Sexual Abuse in Therapy

Rape & Date Rape

Incest & Child Molestation

PTSD - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Veteran Re-entry

Crime Victim Survival

Sex Discrimination & Harassment

Hurricane Stress

Grief & Mourning

Pet Loss & Grief

Terminal Illness

Death & Dying


Attraction & Sexuality

Passion & Desire

Sexual & Gender Dysfunction

Gay Issues

Sex Education

Affairs & Infidelity


  • Having a Profitable & Happy Company
  • Coping with a Toxic Workplace
  • Communicating Successfully with Difficult Co-Workers & Bosses
  • Starting Your Own Successful Business
  • How to Network Your Way to Success
  • Additional Business Topics: Customer Service Training, Motivation & Achievement, Goal Setting & Visualization, Sales Techniques & Motivation, On Camera & Speech Presentation, Downsizing & Career Changes, Time Efficiency, Stress Management, Self-Employment, Decision Making, Job Performance & Satisfaction, Dealing with Difficult People, Sex Discrimination & Harassment, Teamwork & Team Building

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How to Survive a Toxic Workplace
Author and psychotherapist Linnda Durre refers to toxic bosses and co-workers as “staff infections.” Some of the signs your job is infected is if you regularly deal with teammates who are verbally abusive and generally difficult to deal with, the people you work with are incompetent, and your human resources department is unresponsive when you ask for help. Here are a few ways to cope with the madness until you find your next gig.
You may want to slap these guys upside the head (But don’t. They’re your workforce’s future.)

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