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Lisa E. Kirkwood    

The True Stories Merchant, Master Storyteller, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Expert

A naturally gifted, master storyteller, multilingual, multicultural, and award-winning champion of Diversity and Inclusion with over 30 years of experience, Lisa Kirkwood brings you stories from all over the world. She delivers powerful, impactful, life changing messages to large audiences on a wide range of topics. She can turn any speech into a mesmerizing experience.

Whether it’s about Diversity and Inclusion, languages and cultures, women’s empowerment, gender equality, alternative medicine, environment, or other topics she feels strongly about, Kirkwood has amazing stories for just about anything. Great storytelling educates, advises, and enlightens the spirit.

People always enjoy engaging, inspiring, and interactive messages, and audiences will love attending Kirkwood’s immersive, informative, and entertaining speeches. By sharing these meaningful life stories with peers, friends, and family, we can learn and teach, connect on a more personal level, improve lives, and create better global communities altogether.

Speech Topics

Women’s and Men’s Balanced Empowerment

You’ve Got the Power! Courageous conversations on how to bridge the gender gap and build together a better society with a bright future.

Balance to the Force. NOT a Star Wars Story. Powerful and feminine, modern women are now decision makers and trailblazers to heal the world and transform lives, personally, professionally, and spiritually.

The Hero Within: Tonic, Toxic, or Balanced Masculinity? Why men’s (mis) perception of what true power is causes personal and collective turmoil and how to shift this paradigm.

Yin and Yang in Harmony. How women’s power means men’s balance and peace for the entire human species that has long been at war with itself. Reconnecting with our inner gods and goddesses to elevate humanity on a global scale.

Rethinking Parenthood. Deconstructing the miracle of life, empowering ourselves, redesigning the family structure and founding it on “The 7 Pillars of a Healthy Society”.

Sweetest Taboos: LOVE and SEX Talk. Rediscovering ourselves, regaining access to our forbidden bodies and owning our future through qualified, planned parenthood for a healthy, happy, prosperous society.

Sexuality and Religion. Are they opposite notions? If so, how can we bridge that gap?

The Goddess Within Yourself. How to feel beautiful inside and out, tips and strategies for a more confident, healthier, and happier life.

The God Within the Human. How to feel handsome inside and out, tips and strategies for a more confident, healthier, and happier life.

Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Planet Hollywood. How the American entertainment industry has shaped up our global culture and brought people together as one unified human species on Earth, in the 20th century and in the times to come.

Dracula - the Man, the Myth, the Legend. Why cultural stereotyping may be inaccurate and how modern myth heroes are better than original characters.

Learning Chinese, the Entertaining Way. How to turn a cultural challenge into an exciting journey of discovery. Asian Love Counters Asian Hate. How to properly address social and cultural issues that Asian ethnics face in a non-Asian majority environment.

Living an American Dream. The success story of a first-generation immigrant in the land of all possibilities.

Invitation to a Beautiful Country. From one’s native land to an exotic place on the bucket list, discover, explore, and experience the world.

Languages of the World. What it means to remove communication barriers for a better mutual understanding in any language and culture to create closer connections.

Diversity. A World of Change. How human visions and values have altered, shifted, and shaped throughout centuries for mankind to be heading towards an all-inclusive, futuristic, global society.

Gender. Are We So Different? The role of sexual identity and personal empowerment as an individual and collectively to build stronger communities.

Race. Are We so Different? How racial identity shapes up our personality and the steps we can take to be and become a fully integrated person in all aspects.

Belief, Faith, Religion, and Spirituality

Voices of the Earth. Learning to listen to Mother Earth’s hearth rhythm and aligning ourselves with the cycle of seasons, nature, and a higher global spirituality.

The Protective Animal Spirit. Why Native Americans and indigenous populations lived a life guided by the animal spirits.

Extensive Soul Healing. How to reconnect with your higher self for a better, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Extensive Body Healing. How to reactivate your inborn restorative capacities for a full mind-body healing and balance.

GOD. Talk. Understanding the elusive notion of divinity and the more concrete term of religion, while unifying people through love, instead of dividing them based on dogmas and random backgrounds.

From Religion to Spirituality. One Life Source for ALL, connecting people, things, energies, and higher dimensions.

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