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Lisa M. Johnson, SHRM-SCP    

HR Officer at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and Past President Louisville SHRM

Lisa M. Johnson is a global human resources professional whose training style and insights have been successfully applied in organizations and settings of varying sizes and cultures. She is skilled in keynote speaking, team facilitation and leadership development coaching. As the founder and owner of HR Know-How LLC consultancy, she enjoys helping busy organizations build leadership skills to reduce employee legal risks. She believes that bringing humanity and consistency to daily interactions is key to personal growth and organizational productivity.

She is a contributing author to Imagination@Work, a collection of insights from industry leaders about the shifting boundaries in the modern workplace. Her chapter, "Managing Compliance with Confident Communications", includes a step-by-step guide to taking the fear out of difficult employee relations situations so managers can lead with confidence and communicate with clarity. Her next book, "Solutions for the Well-Intentioned Leader" is due for release in 2023.

Johnson earned a Bachelor’s in personnel/industrial relations from the University of Kentucky and an MBA from Lewis University. In addition to holding certifications for coaching and training, she is a member of the National Speakers Association – KY chapter, and Past President of the Louisville Society for Human Resource Management.

Speech Topics

Successful Assertion

Have you ever failed to stand up for yourself in the moment and then beat yourself up over it because you didn’t speak your truth when it counted? Have you ever regretted something you said while in the grip of emotion because you later realize you came across more harshly, perhaps more uncaring than you intended? We have all been there! But for some of us it is a more frequent occurrence and when that happens it can hinder a career. Lisa shares the qualities of successful assertion that you can put to use right away to strengthen your voice.

Confidence + Awareness = Success

Confidence is king in this world where intelligent people who possess traits described as extroverted and decisive rule. Yet, confidence can also get in the way of achievement. Self-confidence without self- awareness can create productivity concerns, morale issues and even legal exposure. Lisa teaches confidence balanced with self-awareness to help leaders navigate effective communication for reduced risk and greater engagement.

Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias

We ALL have unconscious bias. This is an often repeated, widely recognized statement. Furthermore, we understand that our biases can form at an early age. So, if this is a fact that we all have bias and it is indeed unconscious, how can we possibly move beyond it? Pointing it out to people to make them aware of their bias isn’t likely to work. Lisa provides steps you can take when you are ready to move in a positive direction beyond your own unconscious bias.

The Well-Meaning Manager

Actions with positive intentions don’t always go well. In their attempts to foster positive employee relations, managers can quickly find that their attempts to do what seems like a good thing can backfire in a big way. Lisa shares examples of how easily this can happen and provides insight for how to avoid these workplace quagmires. The material is an excerpt from her latest book, “Solutions for the Well-Intentioned Leader”, due to be released in 2023.

Achieving Effective Teamwork

Your work environment can improve in productivity and morale when you achieve a culture of effective teamwork. Lisa uses a fun but informative approach to raise awareness and to increase understanding of yourself and others in your team.

  • Understand that we have different behavior types, we are far from ‘one size fits all’ and learning to value the differences is key to achieving effective teamwork
  • Identify different behaviors types to better anticipate how you and your co-workers are likely to handle typical work situations
  • Learn how you can use this insight to improve teamwork, leadership and relationships

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