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Lisa Montanaro  

Certified Professional Organizer, Business & Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker empowering people and organizations to DECIDE to be Organized.

LM Organizing Solutions, LLC (LMOS), established in 2002, is a professional services firm offering organizing, business and life coaching, and motivational speaking to individuals and organizations. Owner, Lisa Montanaro, is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and its Golden Circle, reserved for organizers that have been in business for 5 years or more. Lisa is also an inaugural Certified Professional Organizer (CPO(R)), an achievement less than 20% of all NAPO members have achieved.

LMOS empowers people and organizations to "DECIDE to be Organized," a unique 6-step organizing process created by owner, Lisa Montanaro, based on her many years of experience organizing and coaching clients. Through the implementation of the DECIDE approach, clients create systems designed to achieve results at home, at work, and in life. What sets Lisa apart from others in her field is her varied background and keen intuition. Professional organizing, coaching, and speaking allow Lisa to combine her lifelong passion for creating order with her skills gained as a lawyer, educator, mediator, and performer. Considered by her clients to be an "intellectual organizer and problem-solver," Lisa is skillful at asking questions in a non-judgmental manner that help people and organizations find the answers to create a system tailored to their individual needs.

In addition to her hands-on work with clients, Lisa is a skilled motivational speaker. Lisa is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the premiere organization for professional speakers. Her presentations at national conferences, local forums, and in numerous workplace settings are informative, interactive, and entertaining. Lisa has been interviewed by television and radio hosts, and is a frequent guest expert for national teleclasses and webinars. Indeed, Lisa was ranked the number 1 speaker of the 2008 NAPO Conference by attendees, sharing the spotlight with such notable speakers as Peter Walsh of TLC's Clean Sweep and the Oprah Winfrey Show__, and Hellen Buttigieg of Neat.

A sought-after business expert due to her background as an attorney, mediator, and trainer of entrepreneurs, Lisa offers business coaching and consulting services to professional organizers and other small business owners. Acting as a legal and business strategist, Lisa assists business owners in making informed business decisions designed to grow and protect their business. Offering an opportunity to brainstorm and problem-solve, Lisa provides much- needed guidance to clients as they face tough business decisions, even those of a legal nature.

Lisa publishes two free monthly e-zines, "DECIDE to be Organized," which offers free tips, articles, and advice on how to be more organized, and "Next Level Business Success," which offers business advice to small business owners and solopreneurs. Lisa also publishes the DECIDE to be Organized blog. In addition, Lisa offers teleclasses, webinars, and audio and print products on her website.


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Speech Topics

DECIDE to be Organized: An Empowering Process for Change

DECIDE® to Be Organized! An Empowering Process for Change The single most important characteristic that separates organized people and organizations from disorganized people and organizations is decisiveness. In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Lisa will share valuable tips on how to effectively organize your time, space, paper and possessions by practicing good decision-making techniques, creating a system that works, and integrating the system into your life. This presentation empowers participants to discover their unique organizing style and develop organizing systems tailored to their individual work habits and life style. You will come away with great new ideas that will help you achieve results at home, at work, and in life!

Create Your Purpose, Live Your Passion

Create Your Purpose, Live Your Passion What did you want to be when you grew up? It is never too late to be who you meant to be! Are you afraid to even say out loud what you want for yourself this month, this year, or this lifetime? What would it be like to receive acknowledgment and support for your vision, not to mention a complete toolkit for getting exactly what you want? In this inspiring presentation, you will be introduced to and have the opportunity to dream big, stake your claim and begin to take action toward creating the future you desire and deserve. Learn how to surround yourself with “believing eyes,” tap into your passions, and think holistically about how to be a multi-passionate person in your career/work, hobbies, volunteer opportunities, and travel.

Make Time for This! Effective Time Management

Make Time for This! Effective Time Management Time is one of our most precious resources. Yet we battle daily to make the best use of it. This presentation addresses how to get more done in less time with less stress by maximizing your productivity and setting priorities. Learn to pinpoint where you need to take control. Improve your comprehension and focus and more effectively perform when juggling people, paper, and priorities. Topics Include: self-assessment, tools of time management, how to say no, project lists and to-do lists, conquering procrastination, the myth of multi-tasking, and dealing with interruptions.

Leap and the Net Shall Appear: Live the Career You've Imagined!

Leap… and the Net Shall Appear: Live the Career You’ve Imagined! Are you itching to try a new career but fear is holding you back? Are you ready to take the plunge but need some concrete ways to package yourself and identify your transferable skills? This presentation is a unique combination of life coaching exercises and solid career transition skills, designed to assist you in following your dreams to a new career. With her background in career counseling, and her own successful career transition from lawyer to entrepreneur, Lisa guides participants down the path of leaping, while helping them to set up “the net” so they have a place to land!

Develop a Can-Do Attitude: Success Principles Gleaned from Teaching the Deaf

Develop a Can-Do Attitude: Success Principles Gleaned from Teaching the Deaf This presentation uses the visual-spatial native language of the Deaf to challenge outdated stereotypes and belief systems, and inspire people to develop a Can-Do Attitude. With some “deaf humor,” and entertaining anecdotes involving deaf family members and friends, as well as stories from her days as an instructor and interpreter for the Deaf, Lisa helps participants rid themselves of negative feelings that get in the way of their success. A real eye-opening experience, participants learn a fun new skill, and walk away feeling empowered.

Bold Business Moves: Moving Your Business in the Right Direction

Bold Business Moves: Moving Your Business in the Right Direction Are you a business owner who is ready to take your business to the next level? This presentation will help you create a plan designed to implement business growth by focusing on three key elements: where your business is now, where you want to take it, and how will you get it there. Get ready to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and identify the opportunities and how to act on them. Create a strategic plan for growing operations, delegating and outsourcing, hiring employees or subcontractors, creating passive streams of income, establishing a Board of Advisors, participating in a Mastermind group, engaging in meaningful peer coaching, and focusing on your unique areas of brilliance within your business. Learn how to work on your business, not just in it.

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