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Adventure Speaker, Author & Life Coach

Liz Nead is an adventure speaker, traveling the world and taking on challenges to find lessons of leadership, communication, diversity, and inclusion. A diversity speaker and researcher for over a decade, she specializes in common language and daily communication around race and cultural differences in the workplace.

Nead uses a direct, humorous and vivid style from the stage to create opportunities for communication around differences. Nead has also served as an executive coach and consultant for DEI challenges for companies like Paypal, News Corp, National Guard and YWCA.

Nead is a television host and author, writing several Amazon best sellers, most recently “The 1440 Principle.” She also won a regional Emmy for her television show, “Life Dare.” Nead balances her passionate work with a thriving family of seven, and husband of 20 years, a retired army major.

Speech Topics

The Climb of my Life | Active Leadership: lessons I learned summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro

Note: This can be an “inspirational” talk or a more corporate “leadership” presentation. The descriptions are below.

The Climb of My Life

Liz Nead fulfilled a lifelong dream when she summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on July 4, 2014, climbing over 19,000 feet to the top of the largest free-standing mountain in Africa. She traveled to Tanzania ready to conquer the adventure but the thin air, jet lag and temperatures were challenging, forcing her to think and work differently during the 7-day journey. She completed the climb successfully, transformed by her own struggle and her experience with the Mt. Kili climb culture. Liz shares those lessons, sometimes humorous and often touching about personal growth, the power of imbalance and the transformation of living in the moment.


The power of self-care. Moment of clarity on the mountain- a reminder for mindfulness How to create transformational stretch goals How to the buy the ticket for change

Active Leadership

Liz took on the challenge to travel to Tanzania and climb to the roof of Africa in search of adventure and transformation. She returned with a changed vision of leadership. With entertaining, exciting stories and visual videos and images, Liz tells the tale of her once-in-a-lifetime climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and her introduction to Active Leadership.

Thirteen inexperienced people from all over the world gathered at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It would take 7 days and 40 climb staff to summit and descend the mountain through eight hour hikes and 20 degree nights.

Through the process, Liz witnessed a different kind of leadership than what she was accustomed to in the traditional corporate setting. As the group struggled to work together and successful complete their mission, the climb guides quietly worked together with connection, clarity and focus.

The climb strategy, dubbed by Liz “Active Leadership” is focused on a stretch-goal, characterized by kind planning, measured paces and inspirational encouragement. Each team member had both a specific assignment and responsibility for the group goal. No role or detail is too insignificant.

By the end of the successful climb, the group was inspired, transformed and grateful, a hallmark of Active Leadership. This process, a combination of project management, servant leadership and visionary planning, is easily applied to sales teams, corporate groups, and project teams.


How to determine and maintain the pace of excellence. Setting and selling stretch goals to a group of people with varying backgrounds and abilities. Creating a culture of joyous service. Effectively bringing new people into a team.

The 1440 Principle

You live in the information age. Ninety percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Recent studies reveal you receive 34 gigabytes of information a day, which is enough to overload a laptop in a week. That’s why mindfulness, paying attention with intention to this moment, is so vital to your success.

It’s easy to get into the frequency of productivity. Get as much done as you can, as quickly as you can. Efficiency reigns supreme. The to-do list, the Holy Grail. However, the most productive life is not always the best life. Leaning into the NOW is about harnessing the power of the now, using the lessons from the past and designing a future with purpose, using your attention and intention to choose excellence in this moment. balance, focus, peace and sustainability.

Takeaways: How to use Liz’s “1440 principle,” a strategy to evaluate priorities, actions and thoughts. Today’s trends in mindfulness and the immediate professional and personal benefits to your organization and your life. Four aspirational ways to utilize time. Scripting to say yes to what is important and no to common time-wasters.

Active Leadership: A servant approach to leading and empowering teams

Liz Nead shares 6 powerful leadership strategies she learned climbing 19,000 feet to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. As she witnessed and experienced the techniques the African and American climb guides used to get 14 novice climbers safely to the top, she realized effective leadership is not a lone voice controlling the masses. Active Leadership is a humble approach, achieving stretch goals with planning, mentorship and a secret ingredient that truly transformed Liz’s way of thinking.

Origins: Reaching into the past to create success for the future

Even though she is the daughter of Indian immigrants, Liz Nead experienced a simple American childhood growing up in midwest. As an adult, she began to explore her roots and as she uncovered the personal artifacts of her life, she also discovered six powerful truths around human identity. Liz invites the audience to connect to their own origins, answer essential questions and ultimately take their place as a superhero in the human community.

Play Your Game: accessing your internal blueprint

Each person is born with a unique game that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Often individuals are taught there is a formula for advancement- they must duplicate a way of talking, thinking and leading that points to success. Imitation often leads to an uncomfortable feeling you somehow don't have the right equipment- and others are better equipped to prosper. Liz Nead believes true success comes from understanding the equipment you were born with, developing these talents into skills and learning to play your game with your team. Liz uses powerful examples of historical and modern day inventors, entertainers and leaders and shares simple strategies to implement your game in communication, leadership, organization and creativity.

Creating Inspired Vision

Imagination: The ability to picture what could happen, to be able to learn from other’s experiences without actually experiencing them. It’s the most amazing gift enjoyed by human beings. Everything on my first vision board became a reality in 120 days. Learn how to create life-changing vision. You will never go back!

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