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Lonise Bias  

Substance Abuse Prevention Advocate

Dr. Lonise Bias is an internationally known motivational speaker, trainer, certified youth and family life coach and consultant. A dynamic and compelling orator, she engages audiences with her motivational and inspirational presentations, workshops and seminars.

As the result of the deaths of her two sons, Len and Jay Bias, Dr. Bias’s career was launched as a public speaker. Len Bias died due to cocaine intoxication two days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics on June 19, 1986 and Jay Bias was murdered in a drive by shooting at a local mall in 1990).

Since that time, she has become a community activist addressing topics dealing with the declining social health within schools, bullying, gangs, and violence. She brings powerful messages of Hope focused on the themes “Turning Lemons to Lemonade”, “Hope Is Not Extinct” and the “Family Matters” within our communities, homes, schools, workplaces, and the streets where we live.

She has delivered keynote addresses to the faith based community, the public and private sector, and national and international conferences, providing prescriptive solutions to remedy the social ills of our day. In addition, Dr. Bias has made many media appearances and is the recipient of numerous awards in honor of her services to communities everywhere.

Speech Topics

Suicide and Depression

Life is full of uncertainties and setbacks and unfortunately, many people are overwhelmed and ready to quit on life today. Dr. Bias offers inspirational hope that focuses upon emotional well being and self improvement through her motivational speeches. She believes that hope is not extinct as she shares her survivor messages to deal with the lemons of life. Her presentations on attitude, behavior, thoughts and awareness are the sweeteners to turn lemons into lemonade. Dr. Bias is truly a champion over life’s obstructions as she teaches others to overcome their fears, worries and stressors to enjoy their life again.

Prevention Works

Our youth are reachable, teachable, lovable and savable. We must change our approach in adapting to their needs. Dr. Bias will speak to the issue of prevention and her perspective on why we are still waging war against many social problems today. There must be a boarder vision for prevention if we are to achieve success working with youth and families. What worked in 2000 won’t work in 2013 or 2014. Parents and those who service youth must use new strategies to empower youth to empower their peers. We must work smarter, not harder, using new solutions to solve old problems. It is time to take our social lemons and make refreshing lemonade!

The Best is Yet to Come!

Dr. Bias brings a message of hope to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations that provide services for this nation’s greatest natural resource: our youth, our future. She brings an optimistic outlook in reference to the many social challenges youth and families are confronted with today. Dr. Bias believes individuals, agencies and programs that service youth and families have become the new norm, “the new social emergency rooms.” These social emergency rooms have become places of healing for those in need. Change will go forth within our communities because “hope is not extinct” as each one cares for one.

"Hope Is Not Extinct"

  • "Only The Strong Survive"
  • "Breakfast of Champions"
  • "The Greatest Love of All"
  • "The Family Matters"
  • "Establishing and Maintaining Internal and External Support Systems"
  • " Managing The Stress Explosion"
  • "Employer-Employee Relationships"

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