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Experience Management Pioneer, Brand Thought Leader, Noted Author

Lou Carbone is the Founder, President and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Engineering, Inc., a Minneapolis-based experience management firm. He is also the author of "Clued In -- How to Keep Customers Coming Back Again and Again" (Prentice-Hall, 2004). He has spent more than two decades leading the world in the development of experience value management theory and practice, in a broad range of industries including travel, healthcare, retail, technology, financial services, manufacturing, and education.

Lou is widely recognized in academic and business circles as the thought leader who launched the "experience" movement with the publication of his seminal article titled "Engineering Experiences," first published in Marketing Management magazine in 1994. He is an expert in the field of experience value creation, and the originator of the first and only method for experience value management. He has lectured and his theories have been taught at leading institutions like Harvard and Columbia Business Schools, University of California at Berkeley, Texas A&M's Center for Retail Studies, Carlson School of Business at the University of Minnesota and Parsons School of Design among others.

Carbone has written numerous published articles, is a business speaker, (member of the National Speaker's Association), and an adjunct faculty member at the IBM Advanced Business Institute. He is chairman of the American Management Association Sales and Marketing Council, is Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Health Quality Partners, Inc., is a member of the Board of Trustees at Brown College, and serves on the editorial board of Healthcare Design Magazine and the nominating board for Fast Company magazine's "Customer First" Awards. Carbone has worked with companies like Blockbuster, Avis, H&R Block, General Motors, IBM, Taco Bell, Deluxe Financial Services, Office Depot, Audi of America, Royal Bank of Canada, and Best Buy to name just a few.

Prior to founding Experience Engineering he was an advertising executive with major agencies in New York, Detroit and Minneapolis including Campbell-Ewald Advertising, Grey Advertising, Manoff Geers Gross, working with companies ranging from American Tourister Luggage, National Car Rental, Walt Disney World to Eastern Airlines and Howard Johnson.

"I first met Lou Carbone 20 years ago and have seen his Experience Engineering concepts grow and develop. His ideas are so good that in every discussion and presentation I have heard on the topic, people walk away in amazement as to the simplicity yet power of his approach." -- Al Dyon, President, ALLSTATE

Speech Topics

The Brand Canyon -- the relationship between Experience Management and Brand Management

Companies focus relentlessly on brand, yet products and services continue to become more and more undifferentiated. In fact, brands are being sent to their graves at a faster pace than ever. Carbone is among the first to focus on the critical relationship between brand management and experience management.Through client case studies he illustrates why managing experience value along side brand efforts is driving today's differentiating value proposition -- and transforming businesses

How Customers Think -- Essential Insights for Business leaders

New insights into how consumers arrive at decisions are rewriting old rules for business. Science is proving that as much as 95 percent of human thought, emotion and action are rooted in the unconscious mind. This illuminating session reveals new methods for understanding the unconscious drivers that influence customer behavior. Carbone offers actionable ways to translate these insights to more valuable -- and competitive -- customer experiences.

Getting "Clued In" to the practice of Experience Management

Your organization cannot NOT deliver an experience. The question is, how value creating is it? Lou Carbone opens our eyes to why thinking and executing experientially leads to powerful competitive advantage and transformed businesses. He shows why organizations must start managing experiences with as much commitment and rigor as they put toward the management of product and services. Through illustrations from Fortune 100 clients in healthcare to financial services to retail, Carbone shows how the design and delivery of experience clues impacts customer value, loyalty and the bottom line.


'Father of Customer Experience' to Speak at August Retail Event
Lou Carbone, the man who coined the term "customer experience", will keynote for the fourth annual Retail Customer Experience Executive Summit to be heldĀ ...

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