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Lynn Ann Migdal, D.C.  

The Fabulous Flow Doc

Dr. Lynn Migdal graduated from the New York School of Chiropractic in 1981. Her fresh outlook on improving Neurological Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Disease Prevention has helped thousands of people, young and old alike, to live up to their highest physical and mental potential. Over the past 30 years she has owned and directed three successful Natural Healing Centers in Delray Beach, Florida. Amongst her peers, corporate clients and patients she is well regarded for her Holistic Wellness views on Fitness and Health.

The programs she offers are exciting, fun, and educational. They are packed with information on health and wellness which people of all ages can enjoy. Dr. Migdal teaches the truth about the body’s Natural Inborn Ability to heal itself, which, when combined with her Wellness and Fitness Programs, allows the individual to achieve success in all areas of life. As a result of Dr. Migdal’s various programs, many of her students, corporate clients and patients have weaned themselves off potentially harmful drugs. Others have been able to bypass surgical procedures that became unnecessary due to the benefits they received under her expert guidance.

Corporate and Business Clients benefit from her programs and trainings as they help to create happy and healthy executives and employees, increase production, and decrease sick and injury days. When you are looking to make or save money, she is the sought after speaker/trainer who can raise your corporation’s level of Wellness and help you to create success with your dreams and goals.

Trauma comes in many forms and is not limited to physical events.

Many have suffered, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, and are in a constant state of anxiety, depression and disease. Untreated trauma can create major distress at home and in the workplace.

The causes are multiple, and those who suffer may not know the cause. As a Health and Wellness Expert, “Natural Neurologist”, Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Migdal has helped thousands to find their flow, and to move through the trauma that is adversely affecting their personal and professional lives. Dr. Migdal has developed the tools to help her clients effectively live free of the negative influences of their past experiences. Her unique, and life-changing approach is revolutionary and produces tangible results.

Having experienced the loss of her husband, two daughters and two homes in an unexpected and catastrophic mudslide in Canada, Dr. Lynn is a professional and personal expert in the management and flow of the great stress of change. She has adopted specific tools to help her clients adapt, overcome and recover, in spite of adversity. She teaches Neurological Recovery and Resiliency techniques that help individuals and businesses to stay strong before, during and after possible disasters.

Speech Topics

The Pleasurable Breath Posture and Weight Lifestyle: Tools for Maintaining and Enjoying a Healthy Weight!

Tired of the YoY o Dieting and Hopping on and off scales? Are you loosing and gaining back your weight and feeling frustrated with nowhere else to turn? Learn what "Pleasurable Healthy Breath Posture and Breath Weight" is, and how and why it can possibly help you to maintain your weight loss and curb your excessive overeating! In these presentations your will discover:

  • How the Pleasure of Full Healthy Breaths may reduce your desire to Overeat, which often leads to Constant Weight Gain, and Food Abuse!
  • A Secret that might inspire you to stop constantly jumping on and off of scales. You will learn how to choose the right weight for your health and Not by a number.
  • Healthy Breath Postures that often improve Nutritional Fitness and Emotional Fitness. • How you can develop A Healthy Metabolism and find Your Most Pleasurable Breath Posture and Weight.
  • How to Become a Healthy Flow Addict, Achieve High Levels of Holistic Fitness and improve your chances of Maintaining a Healthy Weight with your very own Breath!

These presentations are informative and fun and can be fine tuned for any age group or association. Breath Play and Breath Joy is a new virus that is becoming contagious, and it is time your group should catch this one.

So much money is wasted on diets and weight loss and now finally there are new innovative keynotes, workshops and retreats that can teach you how to find and enjoy and maintain your most pleasurable breath posture and weight!

Peaceful Healthy Empowerment Tools for Women of All Ages!

How to go from Woman’s Wellness to Greatness!

Dr. Migdal has been a leading natural expert on Women’s Health for over 40 years and has also been a woman for 67 years. She has assisted thousands of women of all ages to regain their health, balance their hormones, and their lives.

She is the author of “Woman’s Natural Holistic Guidebook” and E Course, and “Mama it is time to Breathe”, an ECourse with stress solutions for overwhelmed new breast-feeding moms.

She presents Natural Holistic Tools that can raise a woman’s ability to heal herself. These programs are experiential and include learning new ways to breathe and move that can enhance the health of the female body and life.

She is a Holistic speaker, trainer and workshop leader so her programs include how to raise levels of Nutritional, Emotional and Physical Fitness. She is dedicated to teaching women how to go from “ordinary wellness” to higher levels of greatness both in their bodies and in their lives.

These presentations dive deep into the root causes of female diseases and offer natural stress solutions to help heal them. They can be fine tuned to meet the needs of any age group or topic that women live through.

The Secrets of Holistic Resiliency and Emotional Fitness: Are you strong enough to thrive before, during and after a disaster?

With all the sickness, grief and disasters that our world is suffering from, there is no better time than now to learn and master the skills of Holistic Resiliency and Emotional Fitness.

This program can be suited for all ages and fine-tuned for any specific group or audience. They are experiential, fun, informative and can be as short as a keynote or as long as a one day workshop or retreat.

Dr. Migdal brings her 40 years of experience as a Natural Holistic Doctor of Chiropractic and Breath Flow Master Instructor, and her 10 years of personal experience of healing from sudden multiple deaths and loss of homes to these keynotes, workshops, and presentations. When a mudslide killed her whole family, Dr. Migdal felt blessed to be pretrained in natural stress solutions and breath mastery which helped her to survive the 10 days of rescue and recovery of her two daughters and husband and has enabled her to thrive since.

She truly believes that her training in Holistic Resiliency and Emotional Fitness should become mainstream so that everyone can be prepared and strong enough to ride the waves of changes that are upon us.

Natural Stress solution techniques that build resiliency and fitness will be taught and experienced. Slides of the Brain and Nervous system will be shown so one can understand the importance of Health to this system, and one’s levels of emotional fitness. Movement , Breath and Nerve Flow Posture techniques are enjoyed as Dr. Migdal will make fun of our disastrous cellphone postures and lead the group into laughing and learning resiliency at the same time.

Breathe For Success: Harnessing the Art and Power of Flow

There is no time like now to discover the power and health of your very own breath. This power is being diminished when you hold unhealthy breath flow postures when on technology and probably any time you check your phone, emails, social media, or text.

Dr. Migdal will take on a journey back to you most pleasurable and healthy breath posture that will increase your potential for health, wellness, and peace.

This presentation is enjoyable, interactive, humorous, and very informative. Power point slides will be presented so one can understand and see the importance of proper breath posture and its connection to your brain’s ability to function at a high level. This new techno breath posture is also for increasing the health for your nervous system which controls the function of all your organs, cells, hormones and immune system.

Dr. Migdal’s Breathe for Success programs can be suited for all ages and can be fine-tuned for all types of groups and audiences. They are fun, informative, experiential and stress reducing. Breath Fitness and Breath Flow programs can run from a short keynote, 2 hour/4hour/ 1 day workshop, and or full week or weekend retreats.

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