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Machelle (Mache) Seibel  

Dr. Seibel's combination of health education and entertainment will keep your audience talking about the presentation long after the event is over.

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Mache Seibel, M.D. is one of the countries leading voices on women's health, menopause and healthy aging with an empasis on weight control. His approach is to provie up to the minute information in easy to understand language and combine that with stories and multmedia musical entertainment. He is the founder of My Menopause Magazine in the Apple Newsstand and host of My Menopause Radio.

He has hosted shows on PBS and NYC TV, received multiple national awards for consumer education, a Distinguished Alumnus Award from the U of Texas Medical Branch,and repeatedly voted into Best Doctors in America. Dr. Seibel spent 19 years at Harvard Medical School, and is a Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Founder of HealthRock.

"Music makes people more receptive to learning and helps increase retention. HealthRock is a uniquely brilliant format for sharing health messages." Mehmet Oz, M.D. The Dr. Oz Show.

Participants will learn to:

  • Gain perspective on health options and choices
  • Get out of their chairs and take action to stay healthy
  • Identify potential causes of illness and make healthy adjustments
  • Incorporate great health choices and common sense into their daily lives


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Speech Topics

Prescription for Better Sex, Better Intimacy: Where do pharmaceuticals fit in?

Add Sizzle to the Sex in Your Relationship. Gain tools you can put to use immediately to improve the quality of sexuality and intimicy of your relationship.Learn about intimacy with cancer and chronic disease; whta to expect when you seek a therapist; how to improve painful sex and basic information to help you decide if medication is needed.

Healthy Menopause and Aging Issues for Powerful Women

6000 women a day enter menopause. This presentation provides a framework for the transition into menopause, tells what to expect, how to prepare and what to do about it.In additon to the needed facts, the presentation will include songs and entertaining stories.

The Impact of Health Issues and Aging on the Female Workforce

There are 123 million women in the workplace and an increasing number are in menopause. And the symptoms of menopause can have an impact on quality of life and quality of productivity in the workplace. In this presentation, you will learn the scope of the problem, the impact it is having, and steps that can be taken to turn the wisdom of menopause into a happier, more productive professional experience for both the emplyee and the employer.

Patient Retention: A New Age for Doctors, Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Companies

In this multimedia presentation, the use of music, songs, social media and other tools wil be turned into tactics that can be used to improve patient retention and improve the patient expereince.

Nutraceuticals and Estrogen Approaches for A Better Menopause

Should a woman take estrogen? How long should she take it? What kind should she use? How great is her risk? What are the alternatives to estrogen? How do they work? Which ones work best?

These are some of the most common quesetions that women ask as they enter menopause. These and many more questions will be answered as well as intereaction with the audience to answer their most pressing questions.

Stay Thin in Menopause

As a child, I was front page news as "the fattest kid in the county." With two out of three women in menopause overweight or obese and many more struggling to maintain their weight in a battle of the bulge, weight control is both a health and a cosmetic and self-esteem issue that I understand well both personally and professionally.

This presentation offers a look at the impact of obesity on health and self-esteem and presents the latest information on causes. A froamwork is provided to help the audience make changes that make a difference that will make them healthier, happier and more vibrant.

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