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Futurist & keynote speaker about the future & innovation. Presenting his new book "Welcome to the Future Cloud" (end 2010.)

For the past 15 years, we had the Web. In the next 15 years, we will have the Cloud. The Cloud will connect everyone and everything. Houses, cars, factories, countries - and you. The Cloud will generate enormous wealth. No more crisis! And the best thing is: you are in control...

In this splashy book (expected end 2010), futurist & keynote speaker Marcel Bullinga scans the consequences of the Media Cloud and the Production Cloud. Product printers, iPod houses, your personal global dashboard. A consumer's paradise and green profit. Cloud cities and cloud money. For the first time in history, you as an indvidual gain control of your local energy sources, your global privacy, your work and your life. Nine trends & inventions that will shape the face of the 21st century.

Do you run a company, a country or even your own life? Be ahead of the trends. Innovate. Get futurechecked!

Marcel Bullinga: "In the eyes of your children, you live in a museum. I show you the entrance to the future."

Marcel Bullinga is "one of the nicest and brightest Dutch trendwatchers" according to Dutch trends magazine EYE (January 2010)

On January 28, 2010, Marcel Bullinga led a debate about youth, media and education in the future, in the press room of Dutch Parliament. With 2 Members of Parliament and Secretary of State of Economic Affairs. Launch of the new book The WIFI Generation.

In november 2009, Marcel Bullinga presented and chaired an EU congress of 6 North Sea countries about the future of the countryside. Review: "Marcel Bullinga chaired the forum with charisma, precision timing and a fine sense of humour."

In June 2009, Marcel gave a presentation about the future of safety. Short impression in Dutch with English subtitles.

FROM BEING AN INTERNET PIONEER in Holland, Marcel Bullinga has presented for hundreds of renowned clients in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, England. Ranging from federal government to city councils, multinational companies & research institutes. From IBM to Mars Food. From the Dutch police top & congresses by the European Union, to youngsters eager to learn about their future.

MARCEL'S STYLE OF PRESENTING is visual, fast & interactive. He talks with (not to) the audience. He uses innovative forms like Picturestorm, What's In & Out, Neighbour's Conversation (= audience prioritizing trends) and CoffeeDating (= audience working together in realtime). He uses the trendnumbers 0, 1, 2 and 6- to explain the future. Every presentation is unique and tailormade.

BEST OF TWO WORLDS. Marcel does either of two things. A. He gives a presentation - period. B. Quite often, after the presentation, he also facilitates the event. In that case, Ihe leads the audience to co-create a certain result, like a Top 3 of Future Products& Services, a Top 3 Priorities Innovationplan, or a Future Vision. In his Futurecheck Masterclass (1/2 or 1 day), Marcel leads a single company or government into the future.

HOT TOPICS that Marcel speaks about nowadays: office of the future, green profit, the blending of the virtual & the physical economy, transparent world, innovation 2.0, city & country branding, energy of the future, the future of healthcare, the future of money.

Meeting December 2009 about the future of safety and law enforcement, aimed at cooperation between various police forces: "I have never before seen an approach like yours. It was quite different from what I had imagined. Seeing you do it life gives a totally different impression from what I had gathered from the programm format. Usually, in our profession, we talk about what is impossible and the barriers. Now, under your guidance, we talked about what is possible."

Kick Off Presentation for International Business Days at Dutch Business School: "Wow!" "If I could give presentations the way you do, I would stop giving lectures immediately."

Rural Vital Area, EU-programm by 6 North Sea Countries. Congress in September 2009 in Norwich, UK. Marcel Bullinga gave a presentation about the rural future and chaired the event. Comments: "To me as an observer Thursday's forum seemed to go very well. The speakers spoke with passion, with knowledge, with understanding. (...) Marcel Bullinga chaired the forum with charisma, precision timing and a fine sense of humour. One of Marcel's aims was to get delegates networking and setting up "coffee dates" with each other." "Chairing is an art, I can now clearly see that." "Remembering what everyone else has said during the morning, how do you do that?" "Your English is excellent. To a non-native audience, that is very important." "Your dynamic way of presenting even convinced our most conservative politicians and boy, are they hard to convince!" "You did a brilliant job." "Who created your Powerpoint? A designer or yourself?" "You obviously did a lot of research about the subject and about the history of the congress place. Very much appreciated by the host country." "You are a futurist, but judging from your presentation, it seems you are a rural developer!"

Alderman after session about the future of care: "Well, no one could fall asleep, that is for sure."

Session about the future of food, CEO Mars Food R&D: "A good mix of provocation and humour."

Session about the future of security, overall appreciation for the congress 7.0, presentation Marcel Bullinga 7.4.

CapGemini, international consultancy bureau: " We highly valued your Masterclass about the future of the CFO. We are going to publish a book Financial Vision 2020 about it and we want to use your format of 4 numbers explaining the future."

Day of the Future of Police: "Really added value, the way you present and chair. But "chairing" is too static a word for what you do!"

Coca Cola, global beverage company, R&D-Department: "You were the only uncertain factor in the programm. We did not know you and never saw you performing earlier. But you have exceeded our expectations. I will certainly recommend you." From the audience: "This was one of the few presentations I have seen about the future that was not boring." "Really talented." "We received great feedback from our entire team after your presentation and it was perfectly in line with our workshops later on."

CapGemini, international consultancy bedrijf: "Your chairing of the event was a success. It was entertaining, now and then a laugh, very good atmosphere."

Chairing the meeting of an international bank: "You were really helpful. Not too much of an ego, accomodating to our wishes. Very sharp and surprising questions so early in the morning."

Presentation for number 1 global laywer firm CliffordChance: "Marcel, thanx for your inspiring wake-up call. The presentation was interesting and entertaining, the response very positive. Very much appreciated." "Unconventional but impressive presentation."

Bremen, Germany, participants European Union congress about democracy with 130 participants from 8 countries: "You look like Al Gore." "I loved the symbols of the future." "Politics is fun indeed!" "The way you stand there, that energy, wow." "As an organizer, I have experience with 6 different European countries, but only a Dutchman could chair a congress as interactive as you did."

Rome, Italy, Question & Answer Session with 50 topmanagers of a multinational company: "If what you show us about the world in 2020 is for real, we should move on with our innovation real quick!"

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, interviewed live on stage by Marcel Bullinga, about innovation in the building sector: "May I compliment you on your colourful clothing? You radiate optimism!!"

Two Regional Education Centers after a Futurecheck Session about learning in 2020. "We had not seen you perform before, and we did not know for sure if you were the right choice. But you were!" CEO Marketing: "I used alot of your observations. Really interesting triggers for marketing. Middle Ages or 21st Century: there are connecyions!"

Iranian futurist, using Bullinga's article Intelligent government. Invisible, automatic, and everywhere in his futuring sessions: "My main reason to discuss your article was to make vision's to the attendees of the workshop, in order to stretch their mind that within 5 years in Europe (Developed World) and may be 7-10 years in Iran, Internet will be used to what purposes and how." While many still worked with a typing machine, Marcel Bullinga pioneered in 1993 with one of the first websites ever in The Netherlands. Nowadays, Marcel is a renowned futurist who gives presentations about the future, chairs congresses and leads futureshops in company and government boardrooms. His book In Total Self/Control: Internet 2005-2010 was presented in European Parliament. Unlike Nostradamus, Marcel is no doomwatcher. He helps you to be aware of the undesireable and uncontrollable, and to innovate towards the future you prefer.

Two Directors-general of a Dutch ministry after a decision-session about the ministry in 2010: "You led it in a dynamic manner. Very inspiring!"

Board of Directors of a big care insurance company, after an exclusive Futurecheck workshop: "Your story is inspiring for our work and for our future. May I have the slides please?"

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