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Mardeene B. Mitchell  

Mardeene Mitchell is an author, former photojournalist and creativity coach with 29 years in the publishing and film industries. She is Founder and CEO of Visionaries to Light, Inc., a writing/publishing consulting service. She is known for interviewing,

Mardeene Mitchell is an innovative teacher and dynamic motivational/inspirational speaker who is especially skilled at coaching people in how to shift their thinking for magical results in their lives! In addition to her 29 years inthe publishing and film industries and directing and teaching at writers conferences,"The Woman Who Runs With Wildcats" incorporates an archetypal wisdom approach from author teacherssuch as Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Carolyn Foster and Angeles Arrien. She is adept at inner journey work and bringing out your creativity from her years of working and collaborating with powerful intuitives, wisdom teachers and shamans from California, Atlanta, the UK, South Africa and from Native American traditions--as well as from her own vision questing.  Expect both practical how-to information and possibly even experiences bordering on the mystical--depending upon how open you wish to be!

She can especially inform and entertain her audiences on such topics as the following: (but she can listen to what your group needs and customize a topic for you) 

*Stop battling with yourself and others and get what you really want!

*The whole world loves a lover--and that can be you!

*Whether you are a man or a woman, what's your style--macho male or flirty female? You can have it both ways--at work and at home!

*Collaborate more successfully with yourself, with your boss, your co-workers, your family, your partner

*Turn life around from struggling to ease

*How to become the god or goddess you really are and create a magical life!

*One joyful woman's secrets to a worry-free life

*The time is NOW to write that book or screenplay you've always wanted to write!

*Stories from writers and Hollywood that will help you transform your life

*What it takes to really enjoy being single!

*A lay person's manual on how to be really depressed and how to get out of it.

*A navigational guide through BANKRUPTCYthat has very little to do with money

*What is your body telling you that your doctor can't?

*Reversing the "aging" process with no meds and affordable joy!

Mardeene B. Mitchell

Founder & CEO

Visionaries to Light, Inc.

Literary Management, Writing/Publishing Consulting Services

Bringing visionaries & visionary ideas to light

to facilitate personal & global transformation

U.S.A. Atlanta, Georgia (Eastern time)


[email protected]


James McSill, LTD., London [email protected]

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