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Founder of That Seems Important & Best-Selling Author

Margo Aaron began her career as a psychological researcher for a prestigious mental health clinic where she discovered a problem. The problem was it's really hard to get people to do things that are good for them. Which led Margo to ask the question she's been investigating ever since:

How do you get people to care?

She took this question to Columbia for grad school, but they weren't helpful because they had the same problem. They didn't know how to get people to care. In fact, they made it purposefully difficult to get AWESOME LIFE CHANGING information, by locking it inside of books no one would ever read.

Margo was not ok with this.

Determined to solve this problem and save the world, she set out to learn how you turn information no one cares about into something people care about.

That’s when she accidentally ended up in marketing.

Turns out marketing is a convenient tool for getting people to care. It helps you translate boring information into something people are DYING TO KNOW MORE ABOUT. But because researchers don't talk to marketers, she had no idea any of these tools existed.

So, Margo snagged herself a fancy corporate job in marketing, where she did strategery for brands like Starbucks, Evolution Fresh, and Seattle's Best. It was sexy, but like a solid 5 on the "Are We Effectively Changing Behavior?" scale.

Low scores aren't Margo's thing, so she decided it was time to get schooled in behavior change.

She spent nights and weekends learning everything she could about persuasion, influence, direct response, copywriting, branding, digital marketing, market research, strategic planning, and other buzzwords.

She learned so much she said, “Bye Felicia” to her corporate career and set back out to finish her mission of getting people to care.

Her LinkedIn calls this part “Argotics, LLC.,” which is the consultancy she started that failed in getting people to care. It did succeed in making her money and making her meshuga. Deflated and confused, she started writing about what she witnessed in the trenches on a website called That Seems Important.

After a few articles went viral, she started to amass a spectacular following of solopreneurs, content creators, and other incredible humans looking to change the world and do work that matters. She now teaches them how to get people to care.

Today, she's co-host of the internet talk show "Hillary and Margo Yell at Websites" (#HAMYAW), a regular contributor to Inc, and founder of the most popular internet newsletter you've never heard of.

Margo Aaron is a proud graduate of Emory University (BA), Columbia University (MA), and altMBA where she won the prestigious Walker Award.

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