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Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla    

Breast Cancer Survivor, Inspirational Speaker, TV Host, Health & Wellness Coach, Author of "You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry"

Marie C. Zoutomou-Quintanilla is a Breast Cancer Survivor, Inspirational Speaker, Author, TV Host, and Health and Wellness Coach. Zoutomou-Quintanilla is the founder and CEO of Seek Coaching LLC and MarieZQ Ministries, a 501 (c) (3).

As a Breast Cancer Survivor, Zoutomou-Quintanilla has cultivated a relationship of ten-plus years with The American Cancer Society (ACS). Over these past years and her ongoing relationship, Zoutomou-Quintanilla has been a community volunteer and has been invited multiple times to be a guest speaker at various ACS events. She is an ongoing speaker and holds the position of Chairperson at the American Cancer Society.

Seek Coaching LLC’s mission is to serve and empower women to be the best version of themselves by giving them the tools to reach their goals and dreams through coaching, retreats, seminars, and inspirational speaking. Their programs provide C-level leaders, directors, managers and employees with the necessary tools and strategies to navigate the work-life balance now and in the future. These programs have proven to promote employee’s health and well-being, increase employee’s engagement, minimize burnout and boost productivity.

Through MarieZQ Ministries, their mission is to spread the gospel of a Faith-based community. Zoutomou-Quintanilla is committed to providing Faith-based community speaking engagements, coaching, after-school and in-school programs, and workshops. These offerings are provided in-person, online and through “Live Your Best Life TV Channel via the Binge Network app.

In addition to her role with her companies, Zoutomou-Quintanilla is the producer of the “Live Your Best Life” channel and Host of the show “You Are Being Tested, Do Not Worry.” The show offers insights and tools about educating yourself, provides everyday life tips, shares guests’ life stories, and improves your quality of life.

Zoutomou-Quintanilla believes that we all have testing times, but when we are being tested, we have everything inside of us to overcome these challenges and obstacles. Having experienced her own testing times, Zoutomou-Quintanilla shares her story to inspire her community, city, country, and the world, that each of us have the ability to overcome our challenges through faith, strength, courage, endurance, and keeping an optimistic view. As an inspirational speaker that spans over ten years, she has spoken at conferences, seminars, and businesses, educating professionals on how to build confidence and achieve success in the workplace and in their personal lives.

Zoutomou-Quintanilla holds a BS in Business Management and a Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix.

Zoutomou-Quintanilla loves spending time with her husband and two daughters. She loves being outside, including hiking and going to the beach, traveling, and getting together with friends. Zoutomou-Quintanilla’s positivity, enthusiasm for life, strength, and faith is contagious and you can’t help but feel inspired after hearing her speak or just being in her presence.

Speech Topics

Living My Best Life!

At one point in my life I had cancer, lost my job, lost my apartment, and had my back up against the wall. How did I come back from those awesome challenges? My goal is to give you the same tools I used back then.

A range of personal challenges and obstacles exists on the spectrum, from neglect, substance abuse, lack of self-esteem, and financial troubles. But no matter what you’re going through in life, I’ve learned that all you need are four simple steps:

  • Faith
  • Positive attitude
  • Love
  • Visualizing a better future

4 Internal tools that anyone going through and coming out of testing times can use and come out as a transformed individual.

Faith Positive Attitude Love Visualizing a Better Future

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