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Marie Ruggles, MS, RD, CN, CDE    

Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator & Author Known as “The Kitchen Pharmacist”

Marie Ruggles, MS, RD, CN, CDE is a clinical nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, and is known as “The Kitchen Pharmacist.” She started her career in research at Columbia University, where she earned a degree in nutrition and public health. Her specialty is drilling down the science into simple actions steps to help busy people stay healthy and age gracefully.

Her book, "Optimize Your Immune System: Create Health and Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy" received multiple awards including the Readers Favorite, Gold medal Non-Fiction Awards, and a #1 New Release in Medical Nutrition. It reveals the “secret sauce” for viral protection and aging gracefully.

Ruggles is passionate about making cutting-edge nutrition research easy to implement in everyday meals. She is also BIG ON FLAVOR. Anyone can master her simple strategies for making 5-star food in their own kitchen. Using humor plus a food-as-medicine approach, she teaches her listeners how to build a healthier body at their very next meal.

After struggling for years with post-viral syndrome, Ruggles developed a strategy to build resilience and support the body's innate ability to heal. This journey is what led Ruggles to author a book that provides the roadmap for taking responsibility for one’s health. She is known for saying that “Health begins when your feet hit the floor each morning!”

Ruggles is the expert for revealing exactly where to get the most bang-for-your-buck daily health hacks that heal, energize, and rewire the brain.

Speech Topics


Research has revealed that there are specific foods and lifestyle enhancements that create a healthier brain and reduce your risk of cognitive decline. Learn simple steps for incorporating these into your daily routine to help prevent cognitive decline.

Reduce Sick Days and Ignite Employee Vitality: Increase Energy, Mood, and Focus with a Nutrition Prescription

Based on Marie’s multiple award-winning book. Employees learn how to increase their resilience and the exact steps to take when they have been exposed to an unhealthy person or feel like something is coming on.


Joint discomfort stems from inflammation – which is also at the root of most diseases. Learn about anti-inflammatory foods that soothe aches while helping to prevent disease. Marie drills down the science into simple action steps that you can use at your next meal.

Pre-Diabetes & Diabetes: Insider-Tips to Lower Your Blood Sugar, Decrease Cravings, Improve Your Mood, and Help with Weight Loss

Learn Marie’s easy tips that no one is talking about, that will make it so much easier to fuel your body and feel your very best by balancing your blood sugar levels all day long.

Supercharge Your Workforce

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN, CDE drills down the science into 7 tiny habits that are life-changing. In a 10-week video workshop, Marie will inspire, interact, and ignite employee’s passion for becoming the best version of themselves.


Marie Ruggles on the Intelligent Medicine Podcast: How to Create a Kitchen Pharmacy
The pandemic has prompted an intense focus on immunity. Today’s guest, Marie Ruggles, focuses on natural support for resilience with her book "Optimize Your Immune System." She is a Columbia-trained Registered Dietician and Clinical Nutritionist. Her goal is to empower consumers with simple economical tips on how to create a kitchen pharmacy. What are the 3 phases of immunity? What foods are immune superfoods? What foods are immunosuppressive? What herbs are beneficial? What are the basic supplements to bolster immunity?
Marie Ruggles on the Live Long and Master Aging Podcast: Using food as medicine for longevity
We are what we eat. So goes the proverbial saying. But to what extent does the food on our plate determine the quality of our health now and for the rest of our lives? Marie Ruggles is a clinical nutritionist and the author of Optimize Your Immune System: Create Health and Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy. In this LLAMA podcast interview we explore what it means to use the kitchen pantry to promote robust health. From whole foods to superfoods, supplements to sunlight, Marie shares natural wellness strategies and practical options for vibrant longevity.

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