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Mark Bradford  

Thought Leader, Author of "Amira (The Sword and the Sunflower)" and Clinically Endorsed Experimental Psychology Book "Three Voices"

Mark Bradford established the basis of his top 5% global podcast and coaching system, 'Alchemy for Life™' after a psychologist visit with his children, whom he was raising on his own as a full-time single parent. It opened his eyes to balance.

He figured out what life is made of, and how to attain balance, went on to write nine books, build a dating site from scratch, win best new author for "The Sword and the Sunflower", and introduce groundbreaking concepts of what all relationships are made of with The Status Game I, II & III, the three languages our brains use to communicate with the clinically endorsed "Three Voices", touched on spirituality with OneSelf, won Linkedin's best of 2017 for his coaching system he designed from scratch. He was highly rated when he spoke to 50 CEOs in transition at Manpower International and various other groups. He coaches individuals, conducts seminars and workshops, and speaks to organizations. Talks are concise, fascinating, and always done with humility and humor.

Speech Topics

Do it to a F.A.U.L.T. - How you can program your brain to accomplish anything you want (or don't want but have) to do.


This interactive talk includes a brief discussion on the Alchemy system and a deeper delve into the meaning behind the F.A.U.L.T. acronym. Have a better understanding behind the why of why they avoid it, and come away with new tools to approach chores in their lives. You’ll learn about the five anchors.

Through real-life stories, anecdotes, and humor, this interactive session will provide the following tangible takeaways. Takeaways:

  • Attendees will learn a new way to approach activities and tasks in their lives, eliminating procrastination.
  • Attendees will be given a chance to interact and test the anchors for tasks they have difficulty accomplishing.
  • As a bonus, you’ll learn the three elements of life and the five facets we spend them on.

The Status Game™ - what all relationships are made of

Be introduced to the concept of what ALL relationships are made of—business & personal. Learn from the ground up how we see ourselves, our friends, our romantic interests, our bosses, our peers, and our employees. See how status finds its way into everything from interviews to interactions, self-esteem, and fears.

Attendees will see a first-hand demonstration of this concept live.


  • Attendees will understand the concept of a 'personal dashboard, 'friend dashboard' and a romantic dashboard.'
  • Attendees will delve into the meaning of their own gages and how they have and will continue to direct their decision-making.

Note that this talk is also a workshop. Workshop includes break out sessions to delve deeper into dashboards.

Overcoming burnout and harnessing energy


Join us for a transformative motivational speaking engagement designed specifically for healthcare professionals. Discover the power of motivation, conquer burnout, and understand your true source of energy. This engaging talk incorporates the "Life is Made of Three Things" concept, the flask metaphor, and the Balance Sheet™ to provide valuable insights and practical strategies.

Key Elements:

Life is Made of Three Things:

  • Explore how the three fundamental elements of life—time, energy, and resources—affect your overall well-being and professional performance. Gain a fresh perspective on balancing these elements for optimal success and fulfillment.

Understanding The Audience:

  • Tailor-made for healthcare professionals aged 18 to 79, this talk delves into the unique challenges and work dynamics they face daily. The content is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the service community, ensuring relevance and maximum impact.

Five Facets of Life:

  • Uncover the five facets of life, providing a tangible framework to visualize the interplay between time, energy, and resources. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their energy levels and learn practical strategies for replenishment beyond workplace demands. The Balance Sheet™ exercise will be completed collaboratively, enhancing self-awareness.

This presentation works best as a workshop due to the high interaction and personal actualization.

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