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Mark MacDonald  

New York Times’ best-selling author, "Body Confidence," Founder of Venice Nutrition, Fitness Expert

There is a saying that some of the greatest things in life are created out of frustration. How do we eliminate the frustration when there are so many unanswered questions regarding nutrition and health? How do we separate fact from fiction? When Mark Macdonald created The Venice Nutrition Program, he never imagined that it would revolutionize the entire nutrition and fitness industry. His goal was simply to provide people with a solution.Mark grew up tall and lanky, and like most kids, ate whatever he wanted.

Adept in sports, his athletic abilities soon earned him a collegiate soccer scholarship, driving him to exercise and train for hours each day. It was during this time that he noticed his Mom struggle with herweight. He saw how she attempted diet after diet, always losing weight and then gaining back what she lost and more; her constant struggle never made sense to Mark. Whycouldnt she stay lean and healthy? Why couldnt she eat well consistently? Was she exercising enough?Marks second big lesson in nutrition came when he finished college and stopped playing soccer. Despite the lack of activity, Mark continued to eat the food he was used to; fast food,pizza and ice cream. He realized that without constant exercise, his body became a fat storing machine and before he knew it, he had gained 60 pounds of body fat in a 6 month period.Mark began researching and experimenting with every diet in the industry. He thought he found the answer in the KetogenicDiet, a high fat, high protein and no carbohydrate plan. Mark followed the Ketogenic Diet diligently and went from 250LBS, 24% body fat to 180 LBS, 4% body fat in a 4 month period and thus began his fitness modeling career. For 4 years Mark read every fitness magazine, every nutrition book and tried every natural supplement on the market.

Mark began to seriously study his medical books and research endocrinology, the nervous system and the digestive system. His research gave him a true understanding of the science of blood sugar stabilization. Venice Nutrition received its name because of itslocation next to Golds Gym in Venice Beach,California, known by many as the mecca of the nutrition and fitness industry. Mark thought that he had finally discovered the answer to optimal health and well being and used his findings to create a system to teach others on how to achieve permanent results at his nutrition center. To date, Mark has personally coached over 25,000 clients. The diversity of his clientele is amazing to say the least. Marks clients are young and old, healthy and unhealthy, athletes andbeginners, male and female, etc His dream of creating a nutritionsystem that could improve anyone's quality of life has truly been achieved.Also in2003, Mark founded the IBNFC (International Board of Nutrition and Fitness Coaching).

He and his team of two doctors and a registered dietician combined their years of professional expertise and knowledge of the human body to create the most dynamic nutrition certification process in the industry today. Nowanyone can learn about nutrition, fitness and the science of blood sugarstabilization and find the answers that took Mark so many years to uncover.


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