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Mark Pryor  

U.S. Senator (2003-2015) and Arkansas State Attorney General (1999-2002)

A bi-partisan leader and statesman, Mark Pryor is a rare breed in Washington. He was involved, and in many cases instrumental, in building the necessary bi-partisan agreements to get the Senate and the government to function, even during the most bitter partisan environment in recent memory. He is a natural-born consensus builder and deal broker and he often volunteered for the toughest missions.

As state Attorney General, he brought business interests and environmental and consumer groups together to find the common sense path forward. He took that experience and commitment to Washington and ultimately passed over 70 pieces of legislation, with almost all of it being bi-partisan. Mark Pryor is respected by Democrats and Republicans as one of the small number of go-to leaders in the Senate who could set his ego aside and bring people together and find common ground solutions. He works well with labor groups, consumer advocates and environmentalists while maintaining a strong relationship with the business community.

Sensible. Discerning. Thoughtful. These are the words that describe Mark Pryor. He brings a unique perspective to politics. His father was in elected office before Mark Pryor was born which culminated in David Pryor serving two terms as Arkansas Governor and three terms in the US Senate. Mark Pryor was the youngest member of the state legislature, the youngest Attorney General in the nation and the second youngest Senator when he took office in 2003. He has literally been in and around politics all of his life. He knows how it works and he knows how to make it work better.

Mark Pryor has received numerous awards for his bi-partisan work and leadership on a variety of issues. Every year, he was selected as among the most independent Senators in Washington by the political publications.

Speech Topics

The Political Landscape for 2015 and 2016

Money, the quest for power and the burgeoning “industry of politics” have made gridlock the norm. Mark Pryor is optimistic about our country and believes our system works, if we let it work. He is uniquely qualified to talk about the political atmosphere in Washington and the obstacles to getting things done. On the heels of the dramatic Republican victories, a Democratic President in his last two years of office and a presidential election on the horizon, Senator Pryor will look ahead this year and to 2016, providing audiences with an insider’s perspective on what can get done in Washington—and the impact Washington will have on business and the economy.

Remarks by Senator Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor achieved significant accomplishments in key areas during his time in Washington and can discuss many topics with an insider’s perspective as well as the ability to look ahead to see what is next: Congress and the 2016 Presidential Race; Bipartisanship; Telecommunications; Privacy and Cybersecurity; Transportation; Energy; Consumer Product Safety; the State of the Military; Homeland Security; FEMA and Disasters; Agriculture; Fiscal Responsibility and the Budget; Campaign Finance Reform; Ethics in Government; Manufacturing in America; Tax Reform; Entitlement Reform; and, Infrastructure.

The Role of Faith in Politics Today

The old American adage “don’t ever talk about politics or religion” is alive and well, sort of. Americans may not want to discuss it, but faith plays a huge role in our politics today. As an evangelical Christian (and Democrat), Mark Pryor offers his perspective on how his personal faith informs his political views as well as the role faith plays in American politics.

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