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Dr. Mark van Rijmenam      

Founder & CEO of Datafloq, Internationally Renowned Big Data Strategist

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is a future tech strategist, international keynote speaker, author and expert on disruptive innovation and how we can benefit from emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, AI and VR/AR.

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is the founder of Datafloq and co-founder of AKVO. Datafloq is the one-stop source for emerging tech, offering C-level Executives information, insights, knowledge and opportunities to drive innovation with data and use technology in ways that benefit employees, customers and citizens. AKVO enables users to immerse themselves and create lasting memories with friends & family by experiencing the virtual worlds together. He recently launched the Between Two Bots podcast with Dan Turchin, covering the cultural, technological and ethical implications of artificial intelligence, technology and the metaverse.

He has a bachelor’s in hospitality management, a Master of Science in Marketing Management, and a PhD in Management from the University of Technology Sydney. His research was on how organisations should deal with big data analytics, Blockchain and AI.

He is a globally recognised speaker on big data, blockchain and AI, a future tech strategist and author of 3 best-selling management books. His last book, The Organisation of Tomorrow, discusses how AI, blockchain and analytics turn every business into a data organisation. He has been named a global thought leader on big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence many years in a row. He is the publisher of the ' f(x) = ex' newsletter read by thousands of executives.

The Digital Speaker has spoken in 20 countries across the globe and collectively inspired over 100.000 managers, directors, C-level executives and high-level government officials. He is a recognised speaker by the Professional Speaker Association Holland, and he is a member of the Global Speakers Federation. He is the founder of The Tech Journal, where The Digital Speaker discusses the digital world from inside the digital world.

​​His (virtual) keynotes focus on the future of work, the digital employee and how to build the organisation of tomorrow using emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. The Digital Speaker believes that every organisation is a data organisation, which brings massive opportunities but also comes with significant responsibilities. In his talks, he discusses the importance of data security, data governance and data privacy to help organisations build a customer-centric business using emerging technologies.

The Digital Speaker’s (virtual) keynotes target organisations who understand they have to digitally transform their business or organisation but do not yet know where to start and want to learn how to remain competitive in a digital world. Dr. Van Rijmenam is an expert in explaining new and difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way and assisting organisations with how these technologies can be applied to ensure sustained competitive advantage. He thrives in an environment where he can apply (digital) technology to re-imagine business models and governments while taking into consideration the human-side of technology to ensure the ethical application of such digital tech.

Speech Topics

How to Innovate in today’s world

We live in a world of accelerated change and disruptive innovations are challenging the status quo for organisations. The common denominator of all these innovations? They produce data, lots of it, which can be used to create magical experiences that were unthinkable before. In order to remain competitive, organisations need to put obtain a different perspective of their business and develop a culture of innovation.

How to Prepare for a Data-Driven Future

We live in exponential times and simply having a digital strategy focused on continuous innovation is no longer enough to thrive in a constantly changing world. In order to transform an organisation and contribute to building a secure and rewarding networked society, collaboration among employees, customers, business units and even things is increasingly becoming key. In this keynote, Van Rijmenam will discuss how big data, blockchain and AI will change collaboration and in doing so enable a networked society.

The Future of Work

The organisation of tomorrow will look fundamentally different than today's organisation. Those enterprises that are aware of the upcoming changes can best prepare and achieve competitive advantage in a data-driven society. Consequently, the future of work will require management and employees to take a different approach when it comes to creating and delivering a product or service. The future of work will be defined by three concepts: data, decentralisation and automation that will radically change leadership, culture, privacy and security. In this keynote, Dr Van Rijmenam will share valuable insights around the future of work and how to build a competitive business.


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