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Dr. Mark van Rijmenam      

Founder & CEO of Datafloq, Internationally Renowned Big Data Strategist

Dr. Mark van Rijmenam stands at the forefront of the digital age. A strategic futurist and optimistic dystopian, he has a deep understanding of AI, blockchain, the metaverse, and other emerging technologies that made him a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide. His journey, blending academic rigour with technological innovation, has been both profound and influential.

Dr. Van Rijmenam boasts an eclectic academic background, with degrees in Hospitality Management, Marketing Management, and a PhD in Management. His research focuses on big data analytics, blockchain, and AI. A respected member of the Professional Speaker Australia and the Global Speakers Federation, he bridges academia and industry.

In 2020, Dr. Van Rijmenam made history with the world's first TEDx talk in virtual reality, and in 2023, he delivered another groundbreaking TEDx talk in Athens with his digital deepfake, showcasing the transformative power of AI and deepfakes. Complementing these achievements, he launched The Digital Speaker app, offering real-time insights, recommendations and on-demand interactions with his digital twin via text, audio and video in nearly any language., making his deep expertise accessible anywhere, anytime. This app is a testament to his commitment to bridging the digital-physical divide. Dr. Van Rijmenam's journey and contributions position him as a leading figure in the dynamic field of future technologies.

As a distinguished 5-time author and corporate educator, Dr Van Rijmenam is celebrated for his candid, independent, and balanced insights. His engaging and thought-provoking presentations, webinars, workshops, and podcasts empower audiences to embrace the future and stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing digital world.

In his keynote speeches, Dr Van Rijmenam explores the future of work, the role of the metaverse, generative AI, such as ChatGPT, and the importance of data-driven customer-centricity. He emphasises the need for ethical applications of technology and helps organisations build trust while leveraging data for growth and innovation.

Dr Van Rijmenam's boardroom sessions are tailored for C-level executives, providing a comprehensive understanding of digital transformation, emerging trends, and how organisations can gain a competitive edge. Through interactive sessions, he guides decision-makers in navigating the world of emerging technologies and preparing their organisations for the mainstream adoption of AI, the metaverse, and future digital technologies

As the publisher of the Synthetic Minds newsletter, read by thousands of executives, Dr. Van Rijmenam keeps his audience at the cutting edge of the future of work and organizational transformation. He is also the founder of Futurwise, which focuses on elevating global digital awareness for a responsible and thriving digital future.

Speech Topics

Leadership 4.0: Thriving in the Synthetic Age

How to thrive in the age of AI.

We are living in the most transformative era in history, where machines and humans converge like never before. As emerging technologies, such as (Generative) AI, the metaverse or quantum computing, continue to reshape every industry and workforce, the need for visionary leaders who can harness its exponential power and unlock new opportunities has never been greater.

In this impactful and inspirational keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a renowned expert in technological leadership, reveals how visionary leaders can harness the power of emerging technologies to shape their businesses and prepare for tomorrow.

Metaverse Mastery: Decoding Reality in an Immersive World

How the metaverse will change business forever.

As the boundary between digital and physical continues to blur, businesses and individuals must ready themselves to operate seamlessly across both realms. In this cutting-edge keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam, a digital innovation trailblazer, unveils the metaverse's transformative potential for business, work, and daily interactions.

The metaverse can be seen as the next iteration of the internet: a version that supports immersive, interactive, and persistent online digital experiences. It is not a single place, let alone one specific virtual world, but it will affect every industry and every organisation.

Building a Bionic Business: Constructing AI-Driven Organizations

Why embracing AI is no longer optional but a necessity.

Generative AI has taken the world by storm, but within the next decade, only organisations that embrace AI at all levels within their organisation will survive. Embracing AI, digital twins and robotics within your business will result in human-machine collaboration, creating a bionic business ready for tomorrow.

In this fast-paced and inspiring keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam demystifies the journey of transforming organisations through generative AI, digital twins and robotics, illustrating both its profound benefits and inherent challenges.

The Digital Renaissance: Reimagining Work and Collaboration

Why the future of work demands reinvention in the face of digital transformation.

The future of work revolves around three megatrends with significant implications for the employee experience: data, decentralisation, and automation. As we experience a digital renaissance, how we work and what we do will forever change.

In this enlightening keynote, renowned futurist Dr Mark van Rijmenam charts the course of work and collaboration in a world where decentralised systems, autonomous agents and the metaverse are becoming the norm, disrupting the future of work and collaboration.

Unleashing the Generative AI Genie: A Dive into AI's Promises and Perils

Why understanding generative AI's dual-edged sword is crucial.

Generative AI is a form of AI that can create original content, such as text, images, and entire virtual worlds. In the coming years, technologies such as large language models or machine learning will disrupt entire industries and societies.

In this captivating keynote, Dr Mark van Rijmenam delves into the ground-breaking realm of generative AI, exploring its potential and the cautionary tales it brings. He might even bring his digital twin to the stage to energise your audience.

Generative AI is transforming industries, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Data-Driven Destiny: Harnessing the Power of Information

Why mastering the art of data is a prerequisite for success.

In a world awash with information, true leaders know how to decipher, harness, and act upon the tsunami of data coming their way. This requires digital awareness and digital literacy across the organisation.

In a world dominated by big data, leaders need to think exponentially. In this compelling keynote, data strategist Dr Mark van Rijmenam unravels the transformative power of data, showcasing how businesses can utilise it to innovate, optimise, transform, and lead.


AI Will Be A Job-Killer, and We Are Not Ready for It
Whenever a new technology reaches the mainstream, there is extensive debate on whether it will negatively or positively impact jobs. This time, with AI, it is no different. Many claim that AI will not replace jobs. It will merely change them, it will disrupt jobs but not kill jobs, AI will only make jobs worse, and robots will not steal our jobs. The argument goes that AI's implementation can enhance productivity and innovation, allowing humans to focus on more complex, creative tasks that AI cannot replicate. In addition, the argument goes that any disruptive technology in the past, from the printing press to the car to the personal computer, did not result in the loss of jobs but instead created more jobs. As a result, many believe that the current AI hype will lead to the emergence of new job categories, requiring reskilling and upskilling, thus generating opportunities rather than simply displacing workers.
The Rise of Deepfakes: When Digital Reality Becomes Fake
The rapid advancement of technology has given rise to a phenomenon that blurs the line between reality and illusion - deepfakes. These digital creations are so realistic that they can deceive even the most discerning eye. As deepfake technology evolves, it has the power to entertain, manipulate, and deceive. The evolution of digital reality to fake reality emerges as a double-edged sword; powered by advanced game engines and generative AI, it gives rise to hyper-realistic deepfakes that could disrupt society. This transformation revolutionizes immersive gaming experiences and video and image creation and raises critical concerns about the impact on real-world scenarios, including elections.
Humanoids With AI: The Dawn of A New Workforce Species
In recent years, we have witnessed significant advancements in the field of robotics. Among the many transformative trends shaping the year ahead, integrating Humanoids and Multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) stands out as a remarkable stride forward. This synergy is redefining how we interact with machines and sparking conversations about the emergence of a new species.
Why Every Executive Leader Should Be A Techno-Optimist
In the context of corporate leadership, embracing technology is not just a choice – it is a strategic necessity. The accelerating pace of digital evolution demands a distinct mindset from C-suite leaders – one that goes beyond adaptation and dives into the realm of techno-optimism. Let’s explore why every C-suite leader should don the hat of a techno-optimist and how this mindset can be a game-changer in steering businesses through the complexities of the digital age.
What is Futures Thinking & How Can A Futurist Help?
As 2023 has shown us, new technologies are being developed and introduced at a record pace. Thanks to the convergence of technologies, we have entered an era of exponential progress, and the future is arriving faster than most anticipated. When the world is changing so rapidly, and a tsunami of information is heading our way, effectively navigating the future requires reading the signs around us. These signs, or signals, provide clues into emerging developments and allow us to anticipate what's ahead.

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