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Markus Rothkranz    

Markus Rothkranz is the author of the international bestsellers "Heal Yourself 101", "The Prosperity Secret", "Heal Your Face" and "Free Food and Medicine"

Markus Rothkranz is transforming lives the world over with astonishing force, using simple core laws of nature we inherently all know are true. He's flown all over the world to speak in front of thousands about true health and success, even meeting with heads of government.

He is a living breathing example of how someone can turn their life around from disease, aging and poverty to becoming younger and more alive at 50 than when they were in their 20s with unlimited prosperity, health and power. Markus's amazing health research and discoveries have made him so famous that the military flew him out to teach them about health.

His best selling book "Heal Yourself 101" hit Amazon top 30 in Europe and sold out within 2 weeks, 30,000 copies to date! Every day emails pour in from all over the world how Markus is healing people's health, relationships and lives dramatically almost overnight with results many would call "miracles". This is true self empowerment.

His documentary "Free Food and Medicine" showed people how to live off wild local plants and weeds, no matter where you live. His new book "The Prosperity Secret" blows away all myths about true success and shows how easy it is for normal people to live their dreams no matter what the economy is doing. He made his own 2.5 million dollar movie, but that was just a warm up. Nothing compares to what's around the corner. Get ready for a new way of living that will change your life forever.This is true self empowerment. This is true Freedom !


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Markus Rothkranz
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