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Mary Lloyd  

Speaker, book author, and businesswoman

Do "older people" have anything to do with the success of your business? Don't shake your head "no" quite so fast. As employees, customers, and a major target for new products, they are the next "secret weapon" for smart companies. People over 50 have another 30 years to live-and buy. They represent 50% of the discretionary income in the United States. This speaker's insights will help your company capitalize its unique opportunities in learning how to benefit from having them as employees, keeping them as customers, and including them as you develop new products.

Mary Lloyd is a professional speaker, book author, and businesswoman. She's been a pioneer since the age of 19, as a female geologist, a woman executive in the energy industry, and now as a champion for getting the last third of life to make more sense. Her broad range of real life experiences, PhD level training, and passion for doing this stage of life better give her solid credentials to address a topic fast becoming one of the business world's most significant management issues: What to do with, about, and for baby boomers. Mary is passionate about the potential of today's senior workers to contribute for a long time but just as committed to helping companies see the business potential of paying attention to the 50+ segment of the population.

Mary retired early from an impressive and challenging career in the energy industry. Then she flunked the first thing ever in her life--retirement. Like most of us, she loved traveling, watching sunsets, and enjoying that relaxing rocker on the front porch. But soon, she began to sense a 'same-ness' in the trips, noticed that sunsets only last for a few minutes each day, and realized that after you've relaxed, the rocker's appeal starts to wane. And she had decades left to her life-and a lot yet to offer. Today, she helps individuals discover their passion and energize themselves to live the last third of their lives with greater satisfaction . . . and she helps businesses tap into the potential of those 50+ as workers, consumers, and the focus of new product development.

Having managed blue, white, and pink collar employees, Mary appreciates the needs of both management and employees. She has a penchant for discovering new opportunities and directions, is innovative in recruiting and motivating others, and has earned a reputation for fostering teams and creating alliances. She's worked with large organizations like Amoco and IBM as well as small businesses and individuals.

Before starting Mining Silver, Mary spent 17 years in management in the natural gas industry, ran another consulting business, co-owned a countertop manufacturing company, taught as an adjunct professor to the psychology department of the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and worked in base metal mining.

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