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Matt Rix is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, consultant, author, and professional-level communications coach. He specializes in the development of first-class corporate leaders, six-figure salespeople, public speakers, and executive-level â€

Corporations, associations, business groups and governmental agencies – all have invited Matt Rix to speak to their employees, clients, or members on " Going From Invisible to UNFORGETTABLE!"  According to those who have witnessed what he accomplishes within his presentations and workshops, there are three main things that differentiate Matt from any other keynote speaker and communications coach they have seen.1. He is truly enlightening!  Participants contend, "Matt is not a 'traditional' motivational or keynote speaker!  He is a story-teller, a coach, a humorist, as well as a phenomenal platform personality.  He makes it so easy to understand.”  Matt provides clear, concise examples of his concepts and principles using personal stories that not only challenge the "established" business culture, but also explores the power of his " Facts Tell, but Stories SELL "! and " You Ain't No Leader If'n You Cain't Talk Good!;/1246904972460/) "

Through his stories he illustrates his remarkable " The;/1246905020712/)Art of the Signature;/1246905020712/)Story;/1246905020712/)"™ philosophy, and he explains why Signature Stories and "Story-SELLING" are so important in today's business environment.  His international experience and incredible presentation skills can’t help but translate directly to your organization’s bottom line.

"You are truly myUnfair Advantage.  Since employing your strategies, business is booming.   Revenues are up 300% in a down market.  Thank you Matt !!!"– Roger Remling, President, Kenai Investments Inc.

“In the week following Matt’s class I closed 100% of my appointments and doubled the amount per sale from my anticipated dollar commitment.  In addition, without coaxing, each client complimented me on “my style” of presentation. I sold $28,000 in memberships on 6 appointments.  My sales closure rate is now at an amazing 80%, and I believe my success is directly attributed to his coaching.”– Rebecca Trujillo, Director of Investor Relations, Albuquerque Economic Development

2.  He is fascinating!  Matt has an extremely rare talent, even among professional speakers – he can hold an audience spellbound for his entire performance.   Often, his question and answer sessions are as entertaining as his presentations.   In addition, after his Q&A sessions, he always remains available to meet and greet his listeners.

  "In less than 2 hours, Matt was able to accomplish an amazing feat – he got our salespeople to FINALLY understand why they should be working as a team; sharing their knowledge and experience with each other, as well as why it was so important for them to feed info back into our marketing department.  And our marketing group discovered the REAL power behind professional presentation skills and divergent networking research.  In one presentation, Matt achieved what I would call 'the miraculous' in terms of re-educating and motivating our employees." – Wade Nelson, Toyota

3.  He is entertaining!   Matt’s presentation style is filled with humor – and why not?  He was a professional comedian and entertainer for over 9 years before moving into the world of leadership communications development, persuasive presentations, sales "Story-SELLING", and executive-level networking.

"Thank you so very much for your presentation.  It was VERY informative and LOTS of fun. You are so FULL of info!!" – Linde Allen, The Red Cross

  "Wow!  Matt is not only charming and witty, but his intellectual prowess encourages one to overcome their fear of public speaking!  I have recently had tremendous success with the assistance of his coaching."– Cézanne "Zizi" Fritz, Vice President and Executive Director, Presbyterian Healthcare Foundation

My website is;/1246905091546/)

and my demo video can be seen at;/1246905160962/)

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