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Star of "Little People, Big World"

Matt Roloff is best known for starring in the hit TLC reality show Little People, Big World. In over 225 episodes, tens of millions of people around the world have followed the challenges Roloff and his family face in their home in Oregon, but there is far more to his story than what the camera captures.

Roloff operates a successful family farm specializing in peach and pumpkin crops, has authored two books (Against Tall Odds and Little Family, Big Values), was a top salesman for Fortune 500 companies, and currently owns a manufacturing company specializing in mobility equipment for little people. He has served as national president of Little People of America, the national advocacy organization for people with dwarfism, and co-founded and serves as president of the Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy, a nonprofit that advocates for little people in areas such as medicine, vocation, education, adoption, and public accommodations. Roloff has also made three humanitarian trips to the Middle East to facilitate life-saving medical efforts for little people in Iraq.

However, his most inspiring success has been to overcome the challenges imposed on him by diastrophic dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism that attacks cartilage and bone development. Even while undergoing countless surgeries as a child, Roloff showed a remarkable level of resiliency and zest for life. It seemed that the more he was told he couldn't do something, the more committed he was to meet that challenge. To this day, his philosophy remains, "I may not be able to take the traditional avenues to reach goals, but with persistence and creativity, I'll find a way to succeed."

His belief in man's ability to "find a way" despite the most severe of obstacles underlies every story and lesson he shares with audiences around the nation, from Tyson Foods and Wal-Mart to Indiana University and the South Dakota Governor's Conference. Matt Roloff believes he has finally found his true calling: to inspire and motivate others to begin working toward their dreams. He has appeared on Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, The Bonnie Hunt Show, and The Rachael Ray Show and has been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, The New York Times, People magazine, and countless other media outlets.

Roloff has authored three books: Against Tall Odds: Being a David in a Goliath World, Little Family, Big Values and Little Lucy, Big Race.

Speech Topics

Planting the Seeds of Success

The future of farming has never been more important a topic and many farms have embraced “agritainment” as part of their business models. Matt Roloff shares his experience as a successful farmer who uses public outreach and innovative marketing efforts to improve his bottom line. This workshop-style presentation sparks your audience to devise new ways to increase revenues, diversify business, and build more visible platforms in their communities. Roloff facilitates an interactive brainstorming session to address topics posed by your audience so they walk away with ideas to put into practice.

Strength through Resiliency

In a presentation filled with touching stories and humorous anecdotes, that’s geared especially for youth, Matt Roloff talks about his childhood and how he bounced back from health issues, prejudice, and failure. It’s a talk that inspires youth to retain their optimism and dreams no matter what life throws their way. He turns the focus on your audience by devoting extra time for questions and answers. This results in a highly productive discussion with audience members about the issues they face every day.

Go Get the Ball

Sales leadership is all about knowledge, persistence, total commitment to serving the customer, and people skills. Those are the hallmarks that made Matt Roloff one of the computer industry's most successful salesmen of multi-million dollar systems. He shares his techniques for establishing trust and achieving consistent results in sales and service. This presentation will prime your audience to lead your organization on a path to unprecedented success.

Thriving Against Tall Odds

Everyone must overcome hurdles to reach their potential. Matt Roloff recounts stories about how he has overcome his greatest challenges. He outlines his best strategies for "finding a way forward," which often means taking unconventional paths to reach goals. He provides plenty of examples of how to use creative problem solving skills and have the courage to take risks in life. He invites audiences to share their stories and helps them begin to devise plans to break through the barriers they face.

The Power of Diversity & Inclusion

Based on Matt Roloff's experience as a child and adult with dwarfism, he shares stories about thriving in life and building positive relationships with others along the way. His messages include the importance of self-respect, honest communication, and acceptance of others. Youth and adults will be inspired to embrace differences to build a better community and a better world.

How to Live an Extraordinary Life

Motivational speaker Matt Roloff focuses on remaining true to yourself and thinking big to achieve your potential despite any physical, emotional, or social challenge. He helps individuals look inward to discover and leverage the traits that can spark lasting inspiration. He provides practical advice he has used over the years to launch your audience on their journey to an extraordinary life.


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