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Matthew Bishop    

Managing director, Rockefeller Foundation and Former Senior Editor, The Economist

Matthew Bishop, Managing director, Rockefeller Foundation and former senior editor, The Economist, is an award-winning journalist whose roles at The Economist have included business editor, Wall Street editor, globalisation editor and New York bureau chief. He is the author of several books, including Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World (described as “important” by president Bill Clinton) and The Road From Ruin, which set out an agenda for the reform of capitalism after the 2008 crash. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Global Governance. He was the official report author of the G8 Taskforce on Social Impact Investment and a member of the advisors group of the UN International Year of Microcredit. He co-founded and advises the #givingtuesday campaign and the Social Progress Index.

Speech Topics

Outlook for the U.S. and/or Global Economy.

Matthew Bishop draws on his high-level contacts with investors, business leaders, and policymakers and his long experience writing for The Economist to highlight the big trends facing the U.S. and/or the global economy. Delivered with insight and typical British wit and combined with engaging visuals, Bishop looks at the outlook for growth and jobs; the health of the manufacturing, service, and financial sectors; the impact of politics on the economy; and where the dollar (and euro) are headed.

How to Reinvent Capitalism and Revive the U.S. Economy.

The moment that Lehman Brothers went bust, Matthew Bishop realized that the coming recession would not be the usual quick sort, and that the U.S. economy would require fundamental reform to get it performing well again. In this talk, which draws on his influential book, The Road From Ruin, he explores the historical context behind the recent financial collapse and the changes and challenges we must face to avoid another cataclysmic crash. He also provides a progress report, looking at how well America is doing in reforming itself, and what that means for the performance of the economy in the years ahead.

Gold, Money, and the Economy.

There have been few better-performing investments in the past decade than gold, which as recently as the end of the 1990s was being dismissed as a historic relic by many experts. Despite its extraordinary performance, some critics still believe that taking an interest in gold is evidence of craziness or of being very right-wing, but in an entertaining and insightful talk, Matthew Bishop explains that everyone should take gold seriously because of what its price tells us about subjects such as the health of the economy, the outlook for inflation, the priorities and competence of government, and the prospects for paper currencies such as the dollar. Drawing from his book, In Gold We Trust? The Future of Money In An Age of Uncertainty, which is full of fascinating historical detail about gold and the evolution of today’s money, he explains what the current gold price reveals about the future of the economy, and what is likely to happen to gold and other investments in future.

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