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One of the most down to earth, diverse life management & business success speakers you'll ever hear!

Finally, a motivational speaker who doesn't scream Max Bolka is one of the most down to earth, diverse life management & business success speakers you'll ever hear, blending over 20 years of successful business experience with a practical spiritual wisdom that audiences love. Max is a master teacher, writer, and professional coach. He is a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry, having successfully developed and served a nationwide financial planning and investment clientele, with clients residing from New York to Hawaii and beyond.

Early in his financial career, Max realized that money cuts across all areas of life. He started becoming more involved with clients, and later with other financial advisors, coaching them in various matters such as goal setting, finding one's passion, purpose & meaning in life, careers, marketing, sales, interpersonal communications, time & stress management, and of course, building long-lasting wealth.

Max's talks include leadership, greatness and success. Max also speaks from his book in progress, "Love Is The Answer Now, What Was Your Question?" in which he inspires audiences of all kinds in every area of business and life. (We told you he was diverse!)

"Love in the workplace? Are you kidding?" asks Max. "Most people would be happy if they just heard the truth once in a while. But love IS the truth, and the whole reason groups of people, from families to business organizations, are lacking in fulfillement, and thus in productivity, is a lack of love. I show them that's it's OK, and in fact, very profitable (and even cool) to love themselves, their job, their co-workers, and their customers. Everyone from customer service to salespeople to management love this program."

Clients include top corporations, such as Hewlett Packard, famous cruise ship lines worldwide, such as The Love Boat, and associations such as The Institute For Senior Scholars. He spoke at the famous Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in June of 2004 for the first time ever. His goal setting, sales, marketing, time and stress management articles have been published throughout the Financial Services Industry, in magazines, and on web sites, as well as in numerous in-house corporate publications.

A strong seeker of his own truth and student of human nature, Max is an accomplished Vedic Scientist for over 20 years, practicing advanced levels of research into consciousness (meditation) with large groups nationwide. "We are all simultaneously teachers and students," says Max. "Life is here to enjoy. I would characterize my work as teaching people how to be their absolute best, both on and off the job."


How Do You Spell Success?

Tapping Into The Spirit of Success

Ever wonder why two people doing the exactly the same activities often achieve vastly different results? It's because of who they are Who they are is coming right across their desk, over their phone, or across a conference table. Emerson once said, "Who you are shouts so loudly in my ears, I cannot hear what you say." Kick off your next conference with this upbeat, boundary breaking speech.

Enlightened Leadership

How To Be A Hi-Touch Leader In A Hi-Tech World

In the hi-tech business world, building and sustaining high quality relationships is still a major key to success. It's not who you know, but what you do with those relationships that count. Now more than ever, new enlightened, communication & leadership skills are required if we expect loyalty from our customers, our superiors, our subordinates, our family and community. Discover what top managers, CEOs, and successful, influential people know about building & sustaining highly rewarding relationships.

Achieving Greatness

How Will You Know When You Get There?

What would you do if you had all the time, money, energy, contacts and resources in the world? What would you attempt if you absolutely knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would succeed? For those who have been attempting to set goals for years without results, this presentation could change not only your career, but your life. Stop thinking small! Get your people back on track and focusing on what's really important with this high performance how-to session that is guaranteed to produce results.

Nice Guys Finish Rich!

Natural Salesmanship & Relationship Management

Feel Great About Selling Again! Natural Salesmanship allows you to be a success while being yourself. Learn how to sell more products and more services with less effort. Avoid burning out by learning the inner qualities that great salespeople possess. Eliminate the need for contrived closing techniques. Respect yourself and your customers while achieving maximum results. Is selling just a numbers game, or can what you say really make difference? Listen up, and make all your salespeople TOP producers.

Marketing Magic

Getting The Clients You Want And Deserve

Take business to the next level by upgrading your clientele and getting more of the business that's right for you. In this cutting edge presentation, managers, salespeople and entrepreneurs learn the essential marketing tools that will enable them to build worldwide market share. Target your market, create uniqueness and deliver your message with knockout power!

Serve Fewer Clients & Earn More Money

Creating A Viable Plan For Your Business

While the goal for products is to sell the most number with the least cost, the goal for selling services should be to see how few clients you can serve while still hitting your P&L projections. Learn the formula for determining exactly how many clients you can handle. Schedule that vacation time you deserve, so you can get a life, relax and rejuvenate yourself All the while earning the kind of money you desire. Handle service calls gracefully, even getting paid for them. Live interactive workshop.

Speak Up!

How To Plan & Conduct Professional, Profitable & Inspiring Seminars

On land and at sea on luxury cruise ships for over 20 years, Max has conducted seminars that motivate and inspire people to action. Public speaking beat out Death as the #1 fear most Americans have. Fear not, as this public speaking training seminar will turn you into a pro in no time. Learn from the best about how to confidently make that presentation, negotiate that meeting, and leave them wanting more.

De-Stress Now

I'm Going To Be Happy If It Kills Me!

What if you could eliminate all of the negative effects of stress on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being? This fascinating, entertaining, yet highly practical presentation is based upon over 20 years of Max's personal experience of neurophysiological research into consciousness. Want to put a handle on stress in the workplace? If you want to expand your corporation's boundaries, open employees' minds and pour in life-changing ideas, this one's for you.

Timeless Management

Getting More Done And Loving It!

We're all busy 24/7. The only way to get more done is to cut something out that doesn't work for you. It can be an aspect of the job you can eliminate, delegate or just plain ignore. (It's not that important.) Or you can cut out relationships that are not healthy and no longer work. Get rid of those one or two pain-in-the-neck people who are sucking the life out of you. Just make sure one of those isn't YOU!

Putting the "High" Back In "High Finance"

20 Years Of Financial Planning Experience Revealed

With the stock market so volatile, how can you balance fear, greed and the media "noise" in such a way so that you can still meet your financial goals? Learn from the best. Max has over 20 years experience in helping people grow their outer wealth and reach their financial destiny. From the richest of the rich, to those who struggled in debt, Max shows you the mindset needed to implement the secrets of wealth with this financial seminar.

The Future's So Bright You're Gonna Have To Wear Shades

Successfully Managing Change In An Uncertain World

Positive mega trends are pointing towards a world of opportunity for those who can see and act. In this futuristic talk, Max consistently inspires audiences with his vision and entertaining enthusiasm. Learn how to take a proactive stance. Position yourself and your company to reap the rewards of change, despite the uncertainties that exist today, by creating uniqueness that eliminates any real competition.

Love Is The Answer

Now, What Was Your Question?

Love and work are more than just four-letter words! Many people work for a living. But how many of us love for a living? All problems can be solved through love. But love in the workplace? Are you kidding? You would probably settle if someone would just tell you the truth once in a while! But love IS the truth, and it is the essential ingredient missing from a more productive workplace... any workplace. Learn how to love more on and off the job, making you emotionally strong, physically healthy and a huge career success!

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