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Generational Expert

Meagan Johnson speaks to audiences all over the world on how they can manage and motivate different generations in the workforce. After graduating from Arizona State University School of Business in 1993, Johnson spent several years working in sales for three Fortune 500 companies. Although very successful, she became discouraged to hear all the negative comments about Generation X, the generation comprised of the 50 million people born between 1965 and 1980. Being a Gen Xer herself, she felt these comments were unfounded. Johnson began researching small and large corporations to find successful ways to work with the younger generation. From that search, the seeds for her book, Generation Inc., From Boomers to Linksters: Managing the Friction Between Generations in the Workplace, were planted.

Since 1997, Johnson has entertained and educated thousands of audience members across the globe. She has written a variety of articles about multiple generations in the workplace, and has been interviewed for many publications and audio programs. Johnson has continued her research into the complexities of the younger workforce, now examining Generation Y (those born between 1981 and 1994) and the Linkster Generation (those born after 1994). "Every generation gets a negative label when it enters the workforce," she says. "Baby Boomers, for example, were called trouble-making hippies when they first went to work, and Gen Xers were called lazy. Once we take time to understand the motivations and mindset of younger people, working with them, selling to them, and managing them becomes a more successful effort."

Johnson is an active member of NSA (National Speakers Association). In 2003, she received the designation of CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. Currently, only ten percent of professional speakers hold this designation. As a Gen Xer, Johnson was extremely proud to be one of the youngest recipients to ever receive the CSP designation. Her clients include: Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Dairy Queen, Kindred Hospital, American Academy of Nursing, Produce Marketing Association, American Express, Visit Florida, Burger King, Wal-Mart, L'Oreal, National Apartment Association, Pepsi Co., Coldwell Banker, Cadillac, Michigan Dental Association, and the National Cosmetology Association.

Speech Topics

Zap The Gap!- How to Make Peace and Profit in a Multi-Generational World

Job applicants are plentiful and unemployment is high but the fact remains that making the wrong generational choice can cost organizations hundreds of thousand dollars a year. Failure to create a multi-generational team that is effective, productive and profitable puts a company’s future growth and sustainability at risk. Ignoring the drastically diverse ways generations learn and communicate with each other is tantamount to turning your back on a tsunami.

In this highly charged, participative presentation, Meagan outlines the dominant generational forces in the workplace and how each age group’s “generational signposts” drive motivation, influence company loyalty and affect delivery of customer service. Based on pre-conference audience member interviews, Meagan will deliver a roadmap that will enable attendees to tackle their specific generational challenges successfully.

Key issues covered include:

  • Generational Signposts: (the roots of generational behavior)
  • Source and resolution of generational conflict
  • Capturing Baby Boomer brainpower before it walks out the door
  • Tapping into Gen Xers’ self-reliant and often autocratic attitudes
  • Creating a connectivity breeding ground for Generation Y

As a Gen Xer herself (people born between 1965 and 1980) Meagan takes on generational issues with an insider’s perspective. During the 1990s while working for companies like Quaker Oats, Kraft Foods and Xerox Meagan often heard negative comments about Gen Xers. Terms like “slacker generation,” “gold collar workers,” and the “Beavis and Butthead generation.”

Meagan knew those terms were unfair and untrue, so she began researching small and large businesses to debunk generational myths and uncover the most effective way to solve multi-generational clashes. That research lead to her most popular presentation, ZAP THE GAP How to Make Peace and Profit in a Multi-Generational World was born.


  • Audience Members will walk away with a clear understanding of the source of generational conflict
  • Audience Members will understand the cost of hoping it will just go away
  • Audience Members will acquire a clear-cut path to multi-generational productivity.
  • Audience Members leave armed with De-Coder cards that work as quick refreshers and guides to action they can share with others.

Break Out Session

Zap The Gap: How to Avoid the AFTERMATH

Zap the Gap; How to Avoid the AFTERMATH is the perfect addition to your meeting agenda. The program allows audience members to take the information and tools acquired during the keynote and put them to the test. Based upon pre-conference interviews, Meagan creates real-life scenarios that reflect the generational challenges participants are facing in their own industry. Meagan leads the group through an in-depth discussion on how to tackle the more perplexing generational obstacles facing people in their work-life and personal-life today. Members walk away from the program with a workbook that will serve as their generational guide when they return to the office and home.

Co-presentation with Baby Boomer DAD

Generation Takedown! From Boomers To Linksters: Managing The Friction Between Generations

A Generational dual between Gen Xer Meagan & her Baby Boomer co-author (also known as her DAD) Did you know that Baby Boomers over 50 crave developmental support from supervisors, but don't get as much as their younger peers?

Or, that Gen Xers are consistently voted the best managers?

Did you know that Generation Y employees are less apt to job hop than Gen Xers -- particularly when they view coworkers as friends?

Based on their best-selling book, Generations Inc.: From Boomers to Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work, generation expert Meagan Johnson and corporate culture expert Larry Johnson, present the unique perspectives of a Gen-X daughter and her Baby Boomer dad on how each understands, communicates, motivates and manages different generations existing in the workplace today.

Understanding these generational characteristics gives managers an edge in everything from interviewing new hires and designing workstations, to planning meeting agendas, projects and assembling efficient teams.

Throughout the presentation, Meagan and Larry banter back and forth in a delightfully obnoxious, good-natured, humorous style, which helps participants, understand the generational differences found in the workplace today.

You’ll learn:

  • Which generations work best in teams and which ones thrive when left alone
  • How to tailor feedback and coaching that is appropriate for different age groups
  • Classic miscommunication traps between generations and how to navigate around them
  • The challenges of managing up: what Gen X and Gen Y managers need to know about their Boomer and Traditional employees and visa versa
  • How to use the differences in the generations to make your team more productive
  • The secrets to creating a team where everyone works together, even if they don’t want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya

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