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National Geographic Explorer, Researcher, Scientist; Outdoors Enthusiast, Storyteller & Author; Forest Conservation and Sustainability Advocate

Margaret "Meg" D. Lowman is an American biologist, educator, ecologist, and writer with a wealth of experience in canopy ecology and canopy plant-insect relationships. Known as "Canopy Meg", Lowman has been at the forefront of constructing canopy walkways to help scientists study insect pests and ecosystem health in forests. Her passion for canopy research has led to the development of innovative tools like hot-air balloons for treetop exploration. She has authored several books, including "Life in the Treetops" (1999), "It's a Jungle Up There" (2006), and "The Arbornaut" (2021), and has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

Lowman's leadership roles extend to various organizations such as the Ecological Society of America, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, and The Explorers Club. In her current post as the Director of Global Initiatives and Senior Scientist for Plant Conservation at the California Academy of Sciences, she continues to champion scientific research and exploration programs. Prior to this, Lowman served as the Chief of Science & Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences, the research professor at North Carolina State University, and the founding director of North Carolina's Nature Research Center at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Lowman's commitment to education and conservation shines through in her work. She co-founded the TREE Foundation, which supports tree research, exploration, and education initiatives. She also launched Mission Green, a project aimed at building 10 canopy walkways in the world's most biodiverse forests over the next five years. Lowman's dedication to conservation education has been recognized with multiple awards, including the Kilby Laureate, Mendel Medal for Science and Spirit, Williams College Bicentennial Medal, and Garden Club of America Award for Achievements in Conservation Education.

Speech Topics

  • Treetop exploration - "Slingshots and Hot Air Balloons -- innovation in the exploration of the world's forests
  • Women in science - "The Glass Canopy - challenges of a woman in field biology"
  • Juggling family and career - "Kids out on a Limb? Juggling famliy and career as a conservation biologist"
  • Saving church forests in Ethiopia - "Odd Bedfellows - Church and science unite to save the forests of Ethiopia"
  • Saving the forests of Madagascar - "Mission Green - Saving forests and empowering women with canopy ecotourism"
  • Amazon rain forests and why they are important - "Anacondas, ants and agoutis - exploring and conserving the world's biggest tree condiminiums from bottom to top"
  • Getting kids into nature - "Out on a Limb - getting kids into nature for their health and happiness";
  • Forests and climate change - "Big Trees - the planet's easiest solution to climate change" 9. Women explorers - "How does a girl arbornaut go to the bathroom in the treetops? Stories from the field" ;
  • Book-signing talks - "The Arbornaut - a lifetime exploring the 8th continent in the trees above us"
  • Value of trees - "The Money Tree - the value of big trees and how they keep our planet healthy"

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