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Michael Costigan    

Youth Motivational Speaker - Leadership Specialist

An internationally recognized speaker, Michael has spoken to thousands of students across different countries and cultures. He has received many honors for his work and was recently named 'Young Business Leader of the Year' by the National Financial Educators Council.

Michael has an utterly unique story to share. As a 13 year old, he set off to start his first business -- madFusion. Written off and rejected by many for being too young or too inexperienced, he rose above skepticism to become what many said he never could. Now, years later, he strives to help teens facing the very same issues he faced. Still in his 20's, he relates to young people, he shares their experiences -- their insecurities, their struggles, and the reality of growing up today.

Through a mix of good natured humor and purposeful motivation, Michael delivers a message that is down to earth, inspiring, and exhilarating.

Michael has been featured by ABC, CBS, FOX, and NPR. He is a featured TEDx Speaker and an active contributor to Entrepreneur.com. Michael has worked with groups of parents, educators, and non-profits to influence people from around the country to help teens lead their generation. And although he won't admit it, he's a huge nerd.

Speech Topics

Topics Covered Include...

Making positive choices, Peer pressure, Being authentic to yourself, Self identity / esteem, Achieving realistic goals, Becoming a leader.

Audience Reaction: "Awesome! Michael was so entertaining to listen to, but he also knew how to get right to the point and provide some SERIOUS advice. I walked out of there feeling inspired and motivated to face the "odds" in my life". -Kishen, Student from CA

Defy the Odds (45-60 minutes)

It's a fact of life, things WILL get in our way -- it's up to us to decide how we deal with it. With an inspiring message and dynamic mix of humor, Michael shares a story of confronting the 'odds' in his life head on. Your students will walk away equipped to face the obstacles in their life with smart decision making and a forward thinking view of their own futures.

Many of us remember our teenage years as a series of fond memories, but also periods of intense personal struggle. Teens still struggle to fit in, to perform well in school, and to discover who they are, just as they did in the past. However, the world we live in today is different, there are new and more 'road hazards' for young adults to hit. And many teens are growing up faster, often without solid goals for the future or a strong sense of self-identity.

Michael understands what it feels like to be unsure of your own purpose. With a light-hearted sense of humor and determined attitude, he has discovered that the many obstacles life places in your way are only there to test how badly you really want to achieve your dreams.

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