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Motivational Keynote Speaker and Accredited School Speaker

For over a quarter century, in fact for over 38 years Michael Scott Karpovich has been traveling the world speaking to audiences about how to be resilient in an unfair world. Incorporating personal stories with humor and priceless information, he is asked back again and again to speak on wellness, avoiding burnout, leadership, mental health and violence prevention! He has thus far presented in nearly every Canadian providence, in every state within the United States, in Australia, in the Marshall Islands and in New Zealand! His audiences have surpassed 6 million folks and that number grows every month!

Described as “half Robin Williams and half Mister Rogers,” Michael is more than a simple motivational speaker! Diagnosed with “brain damage” at age 4, called a “nerd” by his peers, beaten up by bullies and severely dyslexic, Michael has discovered strength comes from challenges. As he puts it... “Yuk makes you stronger!”

This unlikely hero has discovered that our greatest adversities are really what make us strong! In spite of or perhaps because of his awkward start, Michael has worked successfully as a farmer, a popular radio disc jockey, a high school drama coach, a counselor and a college instructor! A successful Certified Speaking Professional, co-author of "The Better Bottom Line," “Lead Now!,” “Teen Empower,” and “Teen Power & Beyond,” and one of four honorary lifetime members of NSA New England, and the only honorary member of NSA Mountain West, NSA Indiana, & NSA Heartland. He now speaks to individuals in corporations, associations, schools and human service organizations throughout North America. Now he speaks to over 300,000 people annually as a popular keynote presenter, was the youngest president in the history of the Professional Speakers Association of Michigan and is one of less than 700 Certified Speaking Professionals on the planet! (Not bad for a brain-damaged nerd!)

Through lively, humorous and thought-provoking presentations, you will discover how to prevent burnout, deal with stress, maintain perspective, prevent substance abuse, communicate with your family, find strength from adversity and develop unique leadership skills!

Professionally, Michael is often asked to keynote state, regional and national conventions and associations across the United States and Canada. He is best known for his work as an inspirational keynoter for educational professionals, health care associations and mental health professionals.

Speech Topics

Leaving a Legacy

Have you ever asked yourself...“How can I make a difference -- I am only one person?” We all want to make a difference in our families, in our community and in our world. This requires more than simplistic self-esteem; you need clear goals and powerful self-confidence! Everyone would like to “do something good”… imagine making a difference that lasts long after you are gone! During this exciting program, you will learn how to motivate yourself so that you can make a difference that lasts in that which matters to you most. In the end, most people sit and complain as they passively watch the world speed by -- only a few have what it takes to actively make a difference. It is not an option any longer... we must leave our legacy!

Designing Your Destiny

What do you want out of life? If a sculptor pictures his finished piece before he begins to sculpt, and the traveler knows his destination before he begins his trip, why don't we design our futures to be exactly as we would like them to be? During this power-packed program, you will use your dreams to create a positive future. If you ever wanted to positively impact your peers, your colleagues, your community, or the world, this program is for you!


Never before . . . have we been so inadequately prepared to be capable citizens and human beings. It is time that our society as a whole begins expecting and encouraging the best from us. For too long we have been addicted to mediocrity, materialism, and an unhealthy individualism. When we encounter painful, sad and enraging experiences we often let that experience beat us down! Developing a healthy resiliency is the key to dealing with this and circumstances now demand that we recognize and work to develop...


Imagine a generation of individuals that is capable of making a difference among its friends and peer groups...in its schools, communities, and world. A generation aware of the issues and prepared to take action! This program has been designed to discuss and explore the possibilities of this “best generation” . . .


Becoming the BEST is not an unreachable goal… unfortunately children who receive negative input again and again will never consider it an option. This program is especially designed for students and introduces youth to the importance of goal setting, a healthy self-esteem and resiliency skills. Participants learn how their self-perspective creates their future. This program is suited to middle school, high school and college-aged students. This presentation often starts youth dreaming of bigger goals and recognizing their potential. Students leave this program realizing that they are capable of ma

The Art of Taking Care of Yourself

Times of change in our business environments can bring feelings of insecurity and anxiety about the future, increased stress and a loss of perspective. Prolonged stress and loss of perspective can lead to burnout... which ultimately affects your bottom line! During periods of change and growth, companies can equip management and staff with specific coping skills in order to maintain morale and productivity. Employers and employees alike need to know how to face new future directions with a healthy perspective and concrete self-care skills. The Art of Taking Care of Yourself™ is a highly informative yet entertaining program that guides employers and employees in learning how to take care of themselves during periods of change. Highlights include the six stages of burnout and setting healthy boundaries. You will learn how to maintain perspective in your life and set boundaries that empower you as well as positively affect your company, colleagues, employees, friends and family! Your results will be:

  • Develop a healthy perspective
  • Prevent burnout
  • Improve company morale
  • Increase corporate bottom line

In a culture addicted to adrenaline and stress, we find that we often lose perspective and experience “burnout.” You can prevent “burnout” through this entertaining and informative session that guides you and your peers into healthy self-care! Highlights include the six stages of burnout and setting healthy boundaries. Learn how to maintain perspective in your life and set boundar

Contagious Leadership

This program was designed to introduce a new style of leadership that surpasses self-centered individualism. Participants receive a new definition of effective leadership and learn how to use it to positively affect their colleagues and their community. Discover how positive leadership can stop negative or dysfunctional experiences and encourage positive experiences. This popular program is frequently requested by corporations, associations and other clients. Objectives include the following:

  • To draw a picture for participants of the benefits of "a leadership that spreads."
  • To make the connection between self-esteem, self-image and leadership.
  • To have participants practice the different aspects of contagious leadership.
  • To have participants learn and practice specific leadership building skills.
  • To discuss and practice encouraging others to find the leader within themselves.
  • To stress the necessity of big dreams and grand goals for great leaders.
  • To present an in-depth, goal-achieving strategy for participants.

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