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The Provocateur of Transformation. Blend Robin Williams and the Dalai Lama. A no-sacred-cows approach to business and life, with a fierce advocacy for the uniqueness of You.

Michael is known as the "Provocateur of Transformation" as he loves to challenge paradigms that hold us back from making change. He believes strongly in the power and uniqueness of each person, which he speaks about in his keynote, "Be Yourself or Die Someone Else?" and "Are You Playing the Game, or is the Game Playing You?"

His keynote, "Quintessential Leadership 7.0" is a provocative look at what it takes to be a leader of tomorrow, while "Provoke, Evoke or Go Home!" questions how we approach change.

His keynote, "Coaching as easy as See Spot Run!" is a light-hearted look at how anyone can use coaching, incorporating Michael's "GodFather Coaching Method."

Michael also leads seminars on leadership and team topics such as, "Masterful Feedback: Give, Receive, Succeed!" and others in the "Five Timeless Practices for Leaders" series, including "Masterful Questions," "Masterful Coaching" and "Masterful Presence."

Michael is an engaging keynote speaker and workshop presenter with a light and playful approach matched with his creativity, mastery of language, curiosity, and business acuity. Through his keen insights, masterful coaching and experiential training approach, he quickly reveals a depth of knowledge and understanding on a wide range of human and organizational issues.

It is no exaggeration to say that people love engaging with Michael and gain practical tools and approaches that they can immediately use. He has the ability to design material that is exactly what the client is looking for, drawn from his extensive experience working with organizational issues, as well as his experience as a masterful coach, an actor and a well-seasoned speaker.

Michael is well known as a pioneer and leader in the field of coaching, coach training and development. He has trained over 6,000 coaches worldwide, and authored curriculum for many coach training organizations and most recently he co-developed the "Core Dynamics Coach Training" curriculum with Tom Stone, the founder of Human Software Engineering.

Michael has worked with individuals and groups on leadership development at Cisco Systems, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, GE, The Whirlpool Corporation, Wells Fargo, and Blizzard Entertainment. He has designed in-house workshops for companies including QuickLogic, Leading Initiatives Worldwide, and Wells Fargo. He often teaches at Brandman/Chapman College in Orange County, California, having co-created their "Coaching Skills for Business Leaders" Program.

Michael has written four books on coaching including Masterful Questions, Directed Evolution: Taking Charge of Change, Hungers: the Hidden Motivators and The Game of Coaching. He is currently writing Quintessential Leadership: 5 Timeless Practices for Leaders. He graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with majors in Mathematics and Theatre.

Quotes from people who've attended Michael's trainings:

"Simply an excellent leader! Michael Stratford communicated enthusiasm, humor, and had wonderful personal examples which were extremely helpful. He is obviously enthusiastic about what he does which I found very inspiring".

"Michael is the most amazing presenter I've ever seen. He has an uncanny ability to reach every person in the audience. He's like a cross between Robin Williams and the Dalai Lama."


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