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Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Business Adviser

Michael Treacy is the President and founder of Treacy & Company. Mr. Treacy's ideas on growth and innovation have been shaped by his rich experiences as an academic, an advisor to corporations, and an entrepreneur. Formerly a Professor of Management at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Treacy received his PhD. from MIT. He has served as a board member for several leveraged buyouts and new ventures. He is the founder of three thriving companies and the author of two books, The Discipline of Market Leaders, a New York Times bestseller, and Double Digit Growth.

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The leadership challenge of our time is to align talent and resources to create a culture that’s committed to growth through innovation. Treacy helps leaders look closely at whether the organization’s structure reflects where the business has been –or where the market is going. More than a plan, Treacy will show leadership specific ways to engage the broad organization to identify, develop, and deploy a mass of innovations in what is offering and in how the firm goes to market that exploit opportunity and compound upon each other to improve customer and shareholder value. Because each company and each industry presents a different set of challenges, Treacy uses extensive research and client interviews to customize his compelling tools, frameworks and case studies to the specific needs of each audience. He delivers fresh thinking that hits close to home and will inspire the team to look at things differently. Treacy shows how to rise to the growth challenge and engage leaders at every level to communicate an exciting vision of the future that drives the innovation that delivers growth.

National Policy for a Globalizing Economy

Market leadership in a global economy is the fight of a lifetime with nothing less than the national interest at stake. This presentation is meant to be a call to action for policy makers and shapers, examining how the US lost market leadership in key industries and what lessons we can learn to avoid a repeat. Treacy arms the audience with the new rules of the global competitiveness and advocates the creation of national policies that will ensure competitiveness, job gains, economic growth, international prestige and security. He looks at the role wage rates, labor productivity, and fiscal policies play in the competitive landscape. Treacy looks at how government can incent innovation through the competitiveness of domestic markets, ease of access to capital, labor flexibility, and modified levels of regulation. He suggests a more realistic view of immigration and beefed up commitment to education which will put the US on a par with the nations turning out to be our most competitive challengers in the marketplace. Finally he suggests a reevaluation of how corporate and individual tax policy affects where corporate headquarters, operations, and jobs are located.

Tuning the Innovation Machine

With the competitive landscape changing on a weekly basis, the ability to orchestrate innovation swiftly and in sync with changing strategic priorities is more important than ever. Nimble is everything these days. How do the best companies innovate with consistent and successful results? What can you learn from them? How can you adopt and adapt their principles and tactics to tune your innovation machinery to deliver critical improvements in customer value or go-to-market capabilities in record time? How can you anticipate a competitor’s challenge and deliver new value quickly to blunt their effort? Tuning an innovation machine begins with the end: what is your vision of where you want to be? Just as important, will you be leading the needs of the marketplace or behind the curve? Michael Treacy asks the questions that need answering before showing how to organize around a set of principles that are crucial to becoming a high performing innovation machine. Treacy shows how to marshal your physical, intellectual, financial and human capital to develop a consistent and disciplined process that delivers innovation that keeps ahead of the competition.

Competing in an Age of Globalizing Markets

Globalization is a relentless march that will impact every industry, every job function and every market segment—though not at the same time nor in the same ways. Globalization of competition is both a threat to established leadership in developed markets and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dramatic growth in developing economies. What does your future hold? Michael Treacy will prepare a presentation that looks at the global drivers of change in your industry and the opportunities and challenges they represent. He’ll reveal the strategies and tactics being used by companies who are on the offensive and succeeding. A sample of the issues he will address: how to blunt the impact of upstart companies; how to disable “rise from the bottom” strategy competitors; how to localize new markets effectively; how to organize around where the market is going, instead of where it has been; how to create an operating model that lashes together the best capabilities from around the globe; how to avoid the five common strategic mistakes companies make.

Growth – No Matter What

Over the past two decades, most organizations have mastered how to improve quality, cut costs, accelerate product development, and strengthen value to the marketplace. But for many, growth remains a game of chance, determined as much by outside forces as by skill or discipline. It doesn’t have to be that way. Growth performance can be dialed up to steady and predictable rates and it can be a greater source of profits than cost cutting. What are your challenges to growth? Treacy tailors his hard-hitting presentation to address them, replete with compelling case studies. He’ll show how to: imbed growth into the culture of the organization; identify the most attractive and achievable opportunities for profitable growth; decide what needs to be done first; set the plan to make it happen; create a superabundance of innovations that relentlessly bolster the value being provided to the marketplace; and improve the ability to market, sell and retain business. This presentation will lead to breakthrough results for leaders looking to grow—no matter what.

National Policy for a Globalizing Economy

Market leadership in a global economy is the fight of a lifetime in which nothing less than the national interest is at stake. What must policymakers and shapers do to create national policies that ensure competitiveness, job gains, economic growth, and international prestige and security? There are new rules for the future.

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Leadership in a Globalized Economy

Achieving market leadership in a globalizing economy is the leadership challenge of a generation. When the dust settles, everything will be differentthe composition of the management team, the design of core capabilities, the locus of operationsexcept the need for a single culture and a single standard of performance worldwide. Global market leadership will demand change on a scale that most organizations have rarely seen. Leaders at every level will benefit from this presentation.

Strategy, Innovation & Growth in a Globalized Economy

Globalization of markets will bring broadly different companies into direct competition with each other all around the world. To win against this competition, a company will need to harness its knowhow and reach to rebuild globe-spanning capabilities for product innovation, demand generation, and product supply. This presentation provides a framework for moving forward.

Market Leadership in a Globalized Economy

Globalization is a relentless march that affects every industry, every job function, every market segment, and every company. Globalization of competition is both a threat to established leadership in developed markets and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dramatic growth in developing economies. "Market Leadership in a Globalized Economy" is an overview of this new environment.

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