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Michael Weidokal      

Founder of International Strategic Analysis & Author of “The Coming Decline”

Michael Weidokal is an internationally-recognized economic and geopolitical forecaster who helps business leaders, policy makers and the wider public to understand the issues and trends that are impacting the world today, and will shape the world in the years to come. Weidokal is the president and founder of International Strategic Analysis (ISA), a leading provider of economic forecasting, international market intelligence and geopolitical analysis with clients all around the globe.

Weidokal's ability to combine international economics, geopolitics and history allow him to have a unique perspective on the issues and events that are taking place throughout the world.

His areas of expertise include the fields of international economic competitiveness, global market selection and geopolitical risk assessment. Furthermore, he has repeatedly proven to be able to accurately predict important trends and developments before they happen.

A prolific writer, Michael is a leading contributor to a wide range of ISA’s best-selling publications, including ISA’s monthly Country Reports, Risk Forecasts and many more. In addition, Weidokal's new book “The Coming Decline” will be released later this year and details the growing challenge that the global economy will face in terms of generating growth in the 2020s and beyond, and what this means for the planet and its inhabitants. He is also a frequent speaker and appears often in the media, speaking on a wide variety of topics.

Speech Topics

The Impact of Geopolitics on the Global Economy (and on Your Business)

As one of the few speakers in the world who can combine a deep understanding of global geopolitics with a strong background in business and economics, Weidokal’s speech on the impact that geopolitics has on everything from global economics to local businesses is a must-see for anyone interested in understanding how global trends will impact their future success.

From headline-grabbing issues to little-known geopolitical trends, Weidokal will provide attendees with insights into all of the geopolitical factors that will impact their businesses in the coming years.

The Global Balance of Power in the 21st Century

Weidokal's is one of the world’s foremost experts on the balance of power and is a driving force behind the well-respected ISA Country Power Rankings that are published each year.

In this speech, he provides the audience with the most thorough analysis of the balance of global power today, as well as forecasts on how the balance of power will shift in the future. His speech encompasses all of the factors that determine a country’s power, including its economic, political, military, technological, demographic, cultural and environmental power.

The Macro-Trends That Will Impact Your Business in the Future

Weidokal’s Macro-Trends speech outlines the ten leading trends that will impact the business and economic world in the years and decades ahead. In this speech, he covers the massive changes that are coming (or are already underway) in the fields of global economics, technology, demographics, the environment and much more.

His speech allows the audience to develop an understanding about how these major changes will impact their business and their ability to grow and prosper in the future.

The Global Economic and Risk Outlook

Weidokal’s most sought-after speech is a tour-de-force, taking the audience around the world to look at the factors that are driving or hindering economic growth in all of the world’s major economies.

In addition, the Global Economic and Risk Outlook speech provides the audience with an in-depth analysis of all of the important issues and trends that will impact their activities in international markets, both in the year ahead and over the long-term.

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