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Michele Cushatt is a inspirational speaker and author with whom audiences easily connect

Often described as engaging and authentic, Michele Cushatt is a inspirational speaker and author with whom audiences easily connect. Weaving contemporary stories with ancient script, she hangs out in the tension between real faith and real life, a place filled with more questions than answers. Michele doesnt hide the fact that her story is a mix of joy and pain, leaving her tendered toward those who likewise find themselves enduring less-than-ideal circumstances.

Pulling from this unique set of life experiences, Michele Cushatt writes articles, stories and devotional meditations for numerous publications including MOPS International, Todays Christian Woman, Hearts-at-Home , Upper Room, Quiet Hour, Devotions, and multiple compilation books including five titles in the Chicken Soup series.

As both keynote and emcee, Micheles speaking experience covers the United States including notable venues such as Women of Faith, Focus on the Family, Hearts-at-Home, Compassion International, and various arena events, conferences, multi-day retreats, weekend church services, audio/video recording projects, training events and other special engagements.

Currently, she is in her 6th year on staff at Dynamic Communicators International, co-led by internationally-recognized comedian and best-selling author Ken Davis and popular leadership expert, best-selling author and speaker Michael Hyatt. She wears multiple hats as emcee, communications coach and presenter.

Michele, her husband Troy, and their three teenage boys make their home in Colorado along with Nika, one adorable but exceedingly hairy black lab.

Spirited, Insightful, Loyal, Funny, and Friend are all words that come to mind when I think of Michele Cushatt. This prolific author and exceptional communicator has been my friend and a part of my team for several years. Michele recently accepted a significant role as director of our Dynamic Communicators Workshops. Her commitment to excellence is unwavering. With class and in an unforgettable style, Michele communicates with clarity life changing truth. I am honored to know her as my friend and delighted to have her on our team. ~ Ken Davis, Christian Comedian, Best-selling Author, and Inspirational Speaker, Franklin, TN

Michele Cushatt is the consummate professional. Whether speaking or writing, she delivers her message with clarity, power, and warmth. On top of that, shes a delight to work with! ~ Michael Hyatt, NYT bestselling author, former CEO Thomas Nelson Publishers, popular speaker and leadership blogger

I couldnt be more pleased to recommend Michele Cushatt as a speaker or an event emcee. Michele is a gifted wordsmith who is comfortable sharing messages of all types in varying settings. Shes quick to grasp the needs of the audience and to tailor her message delivery to meet them. Not only does Michele communicate with a level of excellence technically, but she has an abundance of warmth and depth that she brings to any message she shares. Its her warm, welcoming presence and depth of knowledge and commitment to the content that makes Michele truly amazing at what she does. ~ Lori Robertson, Vice President Creative & Production, Women of Faith

The first time I heard Michele speak, and Ive heard many a speaker, I was utterly charmed. She shares effortlessly from a deep well, then shell surprise you with a story or remark that leaves you laughing out loud. When people hear Michele, they know she has a gift. But more than that, they know she cares, because she does. Her audiences are refreshed and blessed. ~ Becky Freeman Johnson, best-selling author and speaker, Denver, CO

Michele is amazing! We have worked with her for small group communication training and individual coaching, and no matter the setting, she always hits it out of the park! We love working with her: she is professional, always comes prepared, and works within the parameters we set. Dont hesitate to book Michele! ~ Celina Baldwin, Compassion International

As a pastor, speaker, trainer of speakers and lover of great communication, I have been privileged to listen to and work with some of the most gifted and talented in those arenas. Michele Cushatt is in this unique and gifted minority! To master one craft in a lifetime is a great accomplishment. Michele excels as a speaker, writer and as a trainer/ coach, helping others take their abilities to the next level. She is passionate and skilled at all of these, because each one allows her to do what she was created to do serve people. Without hesitation, I highly recommend and endorse Michele to you for your next conference, retreat or training event. ~ Stacey Foster, Senior Pastor, Life Changers International Ministries

Michele is relevant, engaging, and practical. She is lovely, personable, and genuinely charming both on and off stage. Her touching stories, passion for teaching Gods word, and commitment to serving others will challenge and inspire you in every good way! ~ MarLo Huffington, Chairman of the Board, Hearts at Home, Bloomington, IL

Michele Cushatt is the real deal and her wisdom has been a lifeline to me. Michele speaks with a transparent heart about blended family life and pursuing Christ with authenticity and grace. Her words always leave me with hope and a fresh desire to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ. Shes a gift to women from all walks of life. ~ Catherine Cambra, Radio Co-host, 91.5 WCIC

Michele Cushatt is one of those rare communicators who knows how to speak to kids in a way that they will actually listen. More importantly, they get it. She is a student of the word of God and has the life experience to relate to where todays kids are at. Michele has spoken several times at my own daughters youth group, and my daughter consistently rates her at the top. And Michele is not just a speaker. She is intimately involved in kids lives as a discipler and mentor. I cannot think of anyone Id rather have teaching my own daughter. ~ Dan Marlow, Executive Director, Denver Area Youth For Christ

Michele Cushatt is an extremely gifted teacher to both speakers and writers alike. She has selflessly mentored me and countless others, using her talent and passion for communication as a framework to spur others toward excellence. Her sound biblical foundation is the core of all her work, and when combined with her effectiveness as a communicator, you have a rare gift. Any audience would be blessed by her clear, inspiring presentations, as would any student by her skills as teacher and mentor. ~ Sarah Beckman, Salt and Clay Ministries, Minneapolis, MN

When Michele spoke at our Womens Retreat from the book of Ruth, I was moved by the depth, vulnerability and passion with which she shared. God spoke truth through her in a way that transformed my mind, ignited my heart and gave me wisdom to live a life pleasing to Him. ~ Kaylene Gerard, Kids Across America, Branson, MO

Speech Topics

The Exhale of Gods Presence (Psalm 91)

Not long after our Creator formed the seas and the stars, Genesis 2:7 says He breathed into man the breath of life. From the very beginning, our vibrancy depended on the exhale of God. But sometimes life moves at such a pace we forget to inhale. Psalm 91 claims the secret of our security rests in our ability to dwell. But what does that mean? How do we learn to daily dwell with an unseen God, to inhale His presence in a way that resurrects a stagnant life? By walking through Psalm 91 and sharing her own powerful story, Michele Cushatt invites seekers to breathe. And live.

Infused: Ancient Paths to a Spiritually-full Life

In the midst of the daily demands of life, it doesnt take much to end up lonely, weary, and longing for a soul-filling connection with God. Are you running on empty? Does your relationship with God feel like one more unchecked item on your to-do list? Perhaps its time for a infusion. By examining the ancient practices of men and women who have gone before, Michele Cushatt will help you:

Enjoy Gods presence by creating space for Him Deepen spiritual intimacy through moments of solitude Heighten awareness of the Divine through the practice of gratitude Find peace by cultivating an eternal perspective Dare to Live! Real Courage for Real Life By the time Michele was 39 years old, shed been in ministry in multiple churches, had endured a shocking and painful public divorce, trudged through several years as a single mom, discovered the unique challenges of remarriage and stepfamilies, and suffered an unexpected cancer diagnosis. In the middle of the chaos, God revealed the path to courage, even when fear is paralyzing and life seems impossible. This presentation is rich with both authenticity and humor, helping real people find real courage to keep living in impossible scenarios.

Love Notes: Finding a Love that Lasts

In a world that sells love to the cheapest bidder, finding a love that lasts real love is almost impossible. Or is it? From the beginning of time weve been pursued and wooed by the Author of Love. And His Word to us holds more romance and mystery than we could ever hope for. Join Michele in exploring love notes from our Father, and find a love that will nevernever!end.

With You

Although opportunities for connection abound as never before, the latest statistics show loneliness is on the rise. We crave relationship, and Facebook, Twitter and our iPhone apps arent cutting it. Relationships dont just happen; they require desire, intentionality and good old-fashioned hard work. Relearn eight skills to move deeper in your chief relationships.

A Passion for Intercession

Based on an article written for Todays Christian Woman, Michele shares the benefits of following through on a well-meaning Ill pray for you and a few easy-to-follow steps to turn good intentions into powerful and life-changing intercession.

Portraits of Motherhood

Being a mother can be the best job in the world. And the most difficult. As kids grow up, the question plaguing most moms is, Have I done a good job? She wants to leave an imprint her kids will carry into adulthood, but the process is neither easy or simple. In this session, Michele journeys back into history to reveal three portraits of motherhood. Each woman approached motherhood a bit differently, but each left a legacy of excellence. Whether your a mom, an expectant mother or woman with a heart to influence, youll be inspired to make your presence count for as long as you can.

Ruth: Becoming a Woman of Confidence

Regardless of age or background, insecurity is a recurring plague for many women. Whether were simply dissatisfied with our appearance or broken by a lifetime of deep wounds, we can live bound by fear, regret, and an inescapable feeling of unworthiness. Through the story of Ruth, God shows us that we can get back to a place of security and confidence, by following in the footsteps of a woman who left it all to find her one true love.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Perfect for a Christmas brunch or holiday dinner, Michele shares the beautiful intricacies of a single snowflake, designed by a God who loves us more than we can imagine. By savoring the reassurances found in both the snow and our Savior, each women can enjoy greater peace and joy during Christmas.

Moms Rules For the Pool: How to Swim Through the Mothering Years Without Drowning

Grab hold of three lifelines for staying afloatand maybe even thriving!during the chaos of the parenting years.

Fabulous Moments for a Family on the Fly

Life may be flying by, but you dont have to miss it. Michele shares her quick and easy-to-implement ways to turn ordinary family moments into fabulous ones.

Good Mom, Lonely Mom

Being a mom can be a lonely job. Early mornings, late nights, interrupted conversations, date nights stolen by one crisis after another, and all this with very few expressions of gratitude. While molding and shaping and loving and keeping, its easy for moms to neglect their own need for connection. Find relief for your loneliness and discover a few tips to breathing life back into your heart and (over-18) relationships.

Mosaics: The Art of a Beautifully Blended Family

One-third of American weddings today create blended families. Still, most women in blended families feel utterly alone. At times the challenges seem overwhelming, their dreams of family shattered. But like glass mosaics, beauty is revealed when the pieces are masterfully arranged. With over a decade of personal experience and a heart full of empathy, Michele Cushatt will help you:

Minimize your loneliness by forging critical relationships Enjoy greater satisfaction in your marriage, even when its complicated Create a new vision for your family by managing expectations Strengthen your familial bonds through savvy boundaries and communication

Launching Your Speaking Platform

Nothing can launch an authors career or expand her market like a vibrant and effective speaking platform. But how do you get started when youre building from scratch? How do you expand beyond small, local and often non-paying events? Whats the key to booking regular events? In this two-part presentation, Michele will teach you the secrets to launching your speaking platform, both on the stage and behind the scenes.

The Powerful Pitch

Whether meeting with an editor, agent or even a potential reader, how you pitch your book or project idea will determine your level of success. In this class you will learn the three essentials to crafting a fabulous pitch, work on a pitch for your current project, and have the opportunity to practice it with immediate and constructive feedback.

The Author Takes the Stage

The most effective book promotion is the author herself! Dont wait until your book is published or an invitation to speak arrives to learn the secrets of captivating a live audience with an irresistible presence. Unlock the keys to presenting yourself on a stage as well as you do on paper (NOTE: Michele is a Certified Communications coach the SCORRE Conference, Nashville, TN)

The Write Business

Though most writers would prefer to spend their day creating stories and multiplying word count, establishing longevity as a writer also requires savvy business sense. Turn your hobby and passion into a career by identifying your unique message, developing and honing your brand, creating multiple potential products, and broadening your market. This is an interactive class.

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