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Breakthrough Expert, Founder and CEO of LifeFlowPlan and Author of 7 Days to Working Well. NLP Certified Life Coach and Riveting Keynote Speaker on Leadership, Stress, Motivation, Wellness and Gratitude.

Michelle Courtney Berry is an internationally-experienced personal life and success coach and riveting speaker to best-selling authors, public speakers, CEOs, small business owners and entrepreneurs, nationally-recognized mompreneurs, #1-ranked US athletes, university vice-presidents, Olympians and other leaders in business, industry, government and corporations. As the CEO and Founder of Courtney Consulting Enterprises, LLC, Michelle is an award-winning and nationally-recognized mompreneur who stands in partnership with her clients to help them make life-altering breakthroughs so they can UP-LEVEL their lives.  She is also the Founder of the registered trademarked wellness program, Working Well, one day at a time® and The LifeFlowPlan™ coaching systems.  Michelle is also a certified in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) and her business is a MWBE run by a woman business owner with majority control over her enterprise's daily decisions in all arenas.

Michelle has shared stages with and opened for international icons such as Maya Angelou, Howard Zinn, Mos Def and The Dalai Lama. She has also received praise for her fundraising work for the children of parents in the military (Camp Cope) from Oprah Winfrey and O-Magazine. Michelle has also appeared on "Good Morning America" and been interviewed on international and national news talk shows and she has been interviewed as a "stress and balance expert" on national powerhouse summits led by nationally-renowned entrepreneurs such as Angelique Rewers and Shanda Sumpter.

As a self-healing advocate, NLP Certified Life Coach certified by Steve G. Jones, Michelle is an internationally-certified Phase One Critical Incident Stress De-Briefer and Group Conflict Negotiator, an internationally-certified Reiki Master Teacher, educator, author, transformative speaker, nationally-ranked trainer and internationally-praised "Top 10" recognized meditation teacher. She is also an expert on the psychology of workplace stress and its impact on health, behavior and wellness.

As a corporate trainer, Michelle has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Verizon, with the Pew Charitable Trusts, and with CHASE during their merger with Chemical Bank. Michelle is also a leading speaker and trainer to major non-profits such as the United Way of America, the Pew Charitable Trusts and with global, personal-development powerhouse Mindvalley.com's at their world-renowned exotic consciousness-engineering destination known as "Awesomenessfest."

The author of numerous self-help and business-focused e-books that are infused with her signature stress-busting expertise, actionable content, verve and humor:  How to Zentrify Your Life in Minutes,  Peak Productivity for Entrepreneurs,  50 Ways to Enjoy REALLY AUTHENTIC Work-Life Integration, 10 Meditation Hacks for Newbies, 7 Surefire Sleep Hacks that Actually Work. Stress No More -Mompreneur, 7 Days to Working Well, and the humorous parenting book "Mother Land."

Michelle is also an internationally-experienced keynote speaker who has delivered more than 3,000 speeches throughout the U.S., Canada, Africa and elsewhere. An award=winning business owner and women's advocate, Michelle is the Founder and owner of the registered trademarked, Working Well one day at a time® stress management philosophy and The Life Flow Plan™ coaching system. She has also served as a visiting artist and lecturer at St. Anselm University in Manchester and at Binghamton University, Cornell University, Ithaca College's Park School of Communications and elsewhere. Michelle is the author of numerous health and wellness articles for Slant News and publishes a weekly "Wellness Wednesday" newsletter filled with stress hacks for "eating well, sleeping well, moving well and eating well." 

Hers is an ambitious agenda: "to end , critical levels of stress in life and work that debilitate health and human happiness, in less than a generation." Michelle completed her graduate studies in Communication at Cornell University where she focused on planning, strategy and risk communication.  She also holds a dual-BA degree in English, Literature & Rhetoric from Binghamton University, where she was Commencement Speaker. 

A current health journalist, in-demand speaker and an author who once covered The White House and Capitol Hill as an on-air TV reporter, Michelle has served as an elected official in her city and Congressional District as well as a spokesperson for a municipality and a top-10 Business Week ranked b-school. 

Speech Topics

Stress-Free Work, Balanced Life

Stress-Free Work, Balanced Life You can WAKE UP to your wonderful life. Learn how taking action in just 7 key areas at work can slash your health care costs, catapult morale, increase profitability, boost happiness and ensure authentic work-life integration.

Captivate the Room

Captivate the Room Commanding the attention of everyone in the room takes focus, practice, vulnerability and verve. Adopt these four sure-fire strategies to up-level your game on stage and before any audience in any place, at any time, and anywhere.

Meditate in Minutes

Meditate in Minutes Find out why the art of meditation and other forms of Eastern healing and mindfulness are revolutionizing today’s workplaces

Women Leaders

Women Leaders Women are leading some of the most engaging companies and businesses in the world. Discover gender diversity at the top is linked to high fiscal performance and excellence.

Healthy Hospitality

Healthy Hospitality It's ironic how those of us who know how to help people from all walks of life, find balance, unwind and de-stress" seldom find time to do these same things for ourselves! Since the demands of the hospitality industry are around-the-clock, ever-evolving and intensely stressful, we can sometimes put our own wants, desires, dreams and needs on hold while we fortify the key elements of the global brands we promote. We have to live up to the exacting needs of our clients and customers which can mean keeping long hours in a high-speed, highly intense and high-stress environments. We can help you and our team develop a work-life balance in a complex and demanding industry.


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