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Michelle D. Reines        

Leadership Development Coach, Author of "From Bad to Badass Leader"

Michelle Reines is a speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, and an ever-evolving leader. The people-part can be the most challenging for many leaders. It certainly was for her. Her wake-up call came in the form of a cataclysmic leadership failure. She very quickly learned to appreciate the profound impact an unconscious leader has on people, teams, and organizational health and performance. The significance and value of a team became abundantly clear, as did the critical importance and necessity for her to immediately begin evolving as a leader. This painfully humbling experience set the course correction for what would become a lifelong hunger for leadership growth and contribution—a self-prescribed reparation in many ways, shared through her 12 Leadership Lessons. Reines looks forward to sharing her thrills of victory and agonies of defeat, with a goal of supporting you in unlocking the art of leading like a Badass!

Reines is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., and creator of the unconventional "Badass Leader®" brand. She’s innovative, results-oriented and has a coveted reputation of helping teams exceed expectations in highly competitive, distressed, or volatile business climates. Her history of strengths encompasses extensive people aptitudes from leading and developing large, dynamic, and varied teams across multiple marketplaces. She possesses over 34 years of business acumen running assets in excess of .7 billion; high-volume and velocity sales management expertise, customer experience prowess, facilities management oversight and operational expertise.

Reines is both excited and grateful to be at a point in her career where she can focus her 9th start-up "Badass Leader®" on supporting the industries that feed her soul.

Speech Topics

Don't Be an Ass!

This is the first ever lesson I learned, when I was promoted to my level of incompetence. The impact it had on my team, organizational health, and performance and especially on my credibility as a people leader was catastrophic. Sometimes throughout our leadership ride/ journey, we struggle with the demands of goals, deadlines, performance expectations, customer service complaints, ego, and even interpersonal team conflict. This can, at times, not bring out the best in us – things that make you go HUM!

Stop. Drop. Take a Selfie!

It's so important to understand the impact self-awareness has on our ability to be successful leading and developing high performance, cohesive teams. How can we expect our teams to follow us, want to win for us or even play on our teams, if we don't even understand ourselves as leaders?

Let's Talk About TRUST, Baby!

Bottom line, no trust, no badass team. How to foster greater trust with our teams, what happens when we erode trust, and what’s required for the rebuild.

Put Your People 1st!

Often times as leaders, it is easier for us to focus on the results versus on the people who DRIVE them. This can often time be a hard gear for some to find...grind it till you find it.

Be an Epic Coach!

When we become EPIC coaches, it's an accelerator to outcomes. Let's talk about what's in it for us as epic coaches, plus what's in it for our team and our organization. And the tools you can leverage to help you get there.

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