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Speaker, Author, Executive, & Communication Coach

Mike Acker is a keynote speaker, best-selling communication author, executive, and communication coach with over twenty years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management.

His clients come from startups to Fortune 500 companies, professional sports, international agencies, churches, relief organizations, and celebrities.

Known for his authenticity, humor, and engaging presence, Mike specializes in fostering personal and organizational awareness, allowing clients and audiences to create their own personal growth track. His approach is earnest, informed, and holistic, leading to a more satisfying balance in work and life.

Mike has been a professional speaker for over twenty years and has spoken to groups of 10 to 10,000. His training stretches from private Spanish schools in Mexico, to national college debate tournaments, master classes in cultural leadership, and certifications in coaching.

As a believer in giving back, Mike has worked with and supported several non-profits and relief organizations.

Most recently, he served as the board chairman for GO on the Mission, an international non-profit working to lift kids out of poverty in Senegal and Mexico.

​Mike loves life and enjoys many activities with family and friends: sports, rock-climbing, wake surfing, skiing, Disney trips, church, building Legos with his son Paxton, and going on dates with his wife Taylor.

Mike believes in the power of prayer, exercise, journaling, and real community to counter the stresses of everyday life.

Speech Topics


Everyone wants to be successful, but few are willing to do the work and even fewer know how.

According to executive coach and best-selling author Mike Acker, there is no single secret to success but five non-negotiable drivers: knowledge, experience, communication, emotional intelligence, and drive.

What about talent?

Imagine a bucket punctured with five holes. Those holes, not the bucket's size, determine its capacity. In the same way, talent is meaningless if you are failing in one (or more) of the drivers. Your success cannot rise above your lowest hole.

In The Five Drivers of Success, you'll learn:

  • Why boredom can be a greater obstacle than lack of talent or laziness.

  • The difference between punching the clock and becoming a resident expert.

  • How great communication overcomes weaknesses but bad communication neutralizes strengths.

  • Why self-focus, properly understood, is the key to effectively dealing with conflict and criticism.

  • How to develop the grit that gets you "over the hump."

Are you tired of being passed up by less qualified coworkers? Worried that you've already peaked? Or just starting out and looking for a reliable roadmap to the top? Whatever your story, this presentation help you need to identify, and eliminate, the limiters that are holding you back.

SPEAK AND LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE: Overcome Self-Doubt, Communicate Clearly and Inspire Your Audience

Leadership and communication go hand in hand. If you are great at leadership but can't communicate, people won't recognize your leadership, causing your influence (and hence leadership) to suffer. Conversely, if you're only a mediocre leader but strong in communication, you'll be better able to influence others, and your leadership will be boosted. Said another way, great communication improves leadership; weak communication diminishes it.

In this presentation, Mike reveals the three sources of confidence in communication and influence. He will reveal and apply how these sources affect us and how we can extend our leadership through effective communication.

What will the takeaways be for the audience:

  • Increase presence in presentation

  • Learn simple actions to communicate more effectively

  • Identify obstacles to executive presence

  • Effectively represent and sell to others

  • Get to the point instead of wasting time by rambling

  • Engage and win any audience


In today's fast-paced, competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader of personal influence, impact, and inspiration? Emotional intelligence (EI), our ability to manage our emotions and navigate successfully our personal and professional relationships is the game changer.

This dynamic and fast-paced presentation will offer you practical tools for professional excellence and high-performance in leadership and life.

  • Assess level's of emotional intelligence

  • Learn to master self through regulation and motivation

  • Avoid disconnection and emotional hijacking

  • Demonstrate and increase empathy

  • Bridge gaps and build strong relationships

  • Learn actionable skills for resiliency and stress management

  • Recognize the contagious influence of your emotions in leadership encounters

The audience will learn to assess the level's emotional intelligence and master self through regulation and motivation. They will also learn actionable skills for resiliency and stress management and recognize contagious influence of your emotions in leadership encounters.

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