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Mike Mandel  

Expert in the Art of Communication, Motivation & Influence

Dr. Mike Mandel is a uniquely qualified expert in the art and science of influential communication. An enlivening keynote speaker, he is known for being simultaneously fascinating and hilarious.

Mandel's career covers many different fields: corporate speaker, trainer, psychotherapist, martial arts instructor, writer, and stage performer. Five tours of Britain, and appearances in many media outlets, including the Globe & Mail, CBC, YTV, Vision, W5, Discovery, Bravo! Arts and Minds, as well as numerous guest spots on Australian television are a testament to his consistent popularity. Mandel has 18 nominations and six awards for excellence in entertainment, including the COCA Hall of Fame Award, previously won by Sarah McLachlan, the Tragically Hip and Jim Carrey.

A qualified trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming, and the Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis Instructor for NLP Canada, he teaches salespeople, therapists and doctors. Widely regarded as one of the world's premier hypnotists, he holds a doctorate in clinical hypnosis, and is certified in a number of highly effective psychotherapeutic disciplines.

Mandel's highly energetic, innovative and entertaining corporate keynotes and presentations, provide audiences with powerful tools to communicate persuasively, increase intelligence and reduce stress. He routinely earns rave reviews, and his impressive and diverse client list includes Microsoft, Petro Canada, TD Waterhouse, Toyota, Bell Canada, the RCMP, Deloitte, Rogers Communications, Aecon Construction, and the Department of Defence.

A self-described "reasonably normal guy with a really weird job", Dr. Mike Mandel lives in Toronto with his wife, two Bengal cats and thousands of books.

  1. Brain Software: Words that Change Minds

Learn the art of influence from a master hypnotist. Mike Mandel draws from a quarter century of real-world experience with "words that change minds". Attendees will gain the ability to influence and persuade others in a wide variety of settings, from presenting to groups to one on one meetings. Content includes:

·Power Language: Subtle words that sway and change behaviour

·Inroads to the unconscious mind

·Rapport: Entering the world of another person

·Techniques to diffuse aggression and frustration

·Accurately determine when you are being lied to

·Gaining the advantage through counter-manipulation

·Seven magic words that put you in control

  1. Overcoming Stress in a Hostile World

In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Master Hypnotist Mike Mandel discusses stress and its ramifications in an accelerating world. Stress, both psychological and physiological is a tourniquet that strangles performance. Participants gain real-world solutions to the problems of stressful living. Attendees will be able to:

·Deal with the debilitating effects of an overloaded endocrine system

·Use powerful physiological techniques to overcome tension

·Apply self-hypnosis to power nap at will

·Engage the "garbage can method" to let go of daily worries

·Work with their unconscious values to eliminate inner conflict

·Master methods to eliminate insomnia and stress induced symptoms

·Breathe like a martial arts expert to loosen tense muscles and create peak performance


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