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President & Founder of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG); Creator of GrowBIG, the Comprehensive Business Development Toolkit for High-End Professionals

President and Founder of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG); Creator of GrowBIG, the Comprehensive Business Development Toolkit for High-End Professionals

Mo Bunnell is the founder and president of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG). He is a leading business development strategist who developed the GrowBIG® business development system. The GrowBIG methodology helps companies implement and maintain a consistent business development system that accelerates client acquisition and strengthens client retention. It integrates scalable, high-performance business development rituals into a professional’s daily work life to create perpetual demand and sustainable revenue growth for their products and services. Bunnell is an authority on business development strategy, integration and effectiveness. He honed his skills during his 13-year tenure with Hewitt Associates. As a licensed actuary, he started as a health care consultant with Hewitt and quickly learned that his passion was in building relationships and helping clients solve their problems. After a few years on the consulting side, he shifted his focus towards business development and was soon named the global account executive for two of the four largest Hewitt clients. Bunnell and his teams generated new business in the hundreds of millions of dollars in contract value through selling large, complex outsourcing projects and highly customized consulting arrangements.

He finalized the GrowBIG Integrated System and founded BIG in 2005. His mission is to provide companies with a proven, authentic business development system that is comprehensive, successful and sustainable. GrowBIG Training is 17 modules of intellectual property which cover the breadth and depth of the entire business development process. GrowBIG Achieve is the team-based strategy and execution program that helps companies embed GrowBIG into their culture and management systems following the training.

Bunnell serves as a consultant to management leaders and executives of major companies, helping them build business development strategies for their products and services to drive successful revenue growth. BIG has over 100 clients, including major product companies, global confectionery companies, top law firms, accounting firms, financial service firms, management consulting firms and insurance brokerage firms. These are just a few of the many market segments that have been transformed by BIG.

Bunnell’s business development acumen has been very beneficial to many local and international nonprofits, helping them design a better giving process for their donors and create high-level strategy for their campaigns. BIG is a founding member in Elevate U, a program designed to elevate nonprofits in all areas of business development, strategy, leadership and marketing. He is passionate about being involved in the Atlanta community and helping others succeed.

He received a B.S. in actuarial science with a minor in business management from Ball State University. He is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries and member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He is an active alumni member of Delta Tau Delta and enjoys hosting their chapter consultants each summer for GrowBIG training to help them develop as business leaders.

Bunnell lives in Atlanta with his wife Becky and two daughters, Gabby and Josie. He enjoys the outdoors and is frequently found backpacking the Cohutta Wilderness in North Georgia with his family. To stay in shape and keep up his boundless energy, he plays competitive Ultimate Frisbee year-round and competes at the local, regional and national levels.

Speech Topics

Great Meeting! The Brain Science of Groundbreaking Client Communications

Effective client communication is one of the most important aspects of organizational growth and client retention. But few people get cutting-edge training on how to create groundbreaking client experiences. In fact, science shows we typically create experiences that we would prefer as opposed to what our clients need to move forward. To thrive, individuals and teams need to understand the four major ways science has shown that people think, and to design interactive client experiences that tap into each of these ways of thinking. By knowing these techniques, individuals and teams can create meetings, calls and interactions that clients rave about. To secretly model the concept, the speech itself is designed in a way that engages every mode of thinking.

Breakthrough: Creating Demand for New Services

Few companies are growing as fast as they would like. The problem? They are too reactive to client needs and too focused on the relationships they already have. The problems with this come from both sides: 1) clients will likely see your organization in the way they’ve purchased from you in the past, not how you can help them going forward and 2) your internal teams are likely stuck in the safety of doing the work they have with the people they already know. To create breakthrough levels of demand, you have to do something different. Mo Bunnell teaches people the science and process of his Give to Get model, an effective way to create demand that both clients and internal teams love. The science is compelling, and the process is counterintuitive, but easy to implement once taught. Not only does it result in growth, but clients absolutely love the process itself.

Winning More: The Science of Designing a Better Buying Process

“Selling” is a bad word in many organizations, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is flipping selling on its head—and focusing on designing a better buying process. Mo Bunnell is an expert at the brain science behind the specific steps buyers need to go through to be excited about a purchasing decision. And, more importantly, what a business developer needs to do proactively to keep this process moving forward. By understanding the steps, the science behind why each step works and the “magical phrases” that can be used to move things forward, audience members can learn how to move sales forward, faster. The best part? This is a process so authentic, you can actually invite your own clients or customers to listen in. With authenticity in mind, the word “selling” can finally be used in a positive light.

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