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Mounia Louerrad    

President of the LBE: Life & Business Expansion

Mounia Louerrad is President of the LBE: Life & Business Expansion® agency that offers Intellectual Services for both Businesses and Individuals, in France and worldwide. The services are focused around three business divisions: Management Consulting, Coaching, and Recruitment.

Louerrad has an atypical and surprising career that no one would suspect as everything seemed lost in advance at her beginnings. Born on November 6, 1974 in Algeria, she lived through the “dark decade” of the 90s (a period during which terrorism ravaged Algerian society and more particularly the young generation). Despite apparently insurmountable obstacles, she managed to come out valedictorian from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Algiers in 1996 by obtaining a Master's degree in Microbiology. Then, she obtained a Diploma in Business Management. After that, she worked in fundamental research at the Pasteur Institute and became passionate about the study of oncogenic viruses. After working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, she left her country of origin to continue her studies in France. She came out again valedictorian and obtained a post-graduation diploma in microbiology at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

In an autobiographical book (“Heart of Metal – The End of All Fear” published in Algeria under a pseudonym, in French and in English), she recounts her complicated journey strewn with pitfalls. She wrote this story to never forget the origin of her strength and also to transmit to the younger generations a message of hope so that they know that it is possible to realize oneself and rise to success no matter where they are born.

In France from 2001, she worked in the medical industry and then in vitro diagnostics. Aiming for excellence with the will and the curiosity to learn again and again, she will occupy various positions which will allow her to acquire a strong expertise and to develop her own know-how, her own methodology to succeed in any project undertaken, and whatever the context of the company, the complexity of the challenges to be met, the profile of the teams, the technology and the targeted market.

Indeed, she will be sales manager, national product manager, international product manager, international project manager and head of a business unit. In 2018, she created her own company: the firm "LBE: Life & Business Expansion", to serve Companies and Individuals in the fields of Management Consulting, Coaching and Recruitment.

The creation of this firm is the result of a career path of more than 20 years led at the international level, within different companies, with multidisciplinary teams, for large-scale, demanding and exciting achievements. Louerrad has built extensive expertise in important functions (research & development, strategic & operational marketing, project management, business unit management, sales, purchasing, export, etc.). Her desire is to adapt perfectly to the context of the clients (business, constraints, culture, teams, objectives) to move them forward with dynamism and propel them towards success and excellence.

Also, Louerrad offers her services to individuals, whether they are active, in professional retraining, looking for work, students or retirees to assure them that a well-being, a fulfilled life in harmony with their deep nature is possible, and that it is compatible with uncompromising professional success without unnecessary sacrifices. She accompanies them so that they take charge of their dreams and ambitions to bring them to fruition as soon as possible and in the best conditions.

Louerrad's general approach is above all OPERATIONAL. For her, the notions of time and decision-making are crucial, which naturally leads her to the requirement of absolute efficiency. In addition, the human dimension is at the center of her thinking. She rationally and in-depth dissects all formal and informal operations, and analyzes them in close collaboration with all the actors to deduce relevant action plans, aimed at improving the situation in the long term. Thus, she acts not only on the strategic, managerial and organizational aspects, but also on the socio-psychological mechanisms, both at the individual level and at the team level.

Louerrad encourages her clients to become masters of their lives, and to be fully aware of the power they hold over the realization of their dreams and the achievement of their goals. She often tells them: "Don't let anything or anyone stop you from getting where you've decided to get".

Speech Topics


To turn your innovation process into a success machine, you must leave nothing to chance. It takes courage, determination and a spirit of builder for the innovation teams to implement new ideas in an immobile organization that is afraid of risk. The innovation team needs to be supported and listened to. An efficient management of the company oriented towards the revelation and the promotion of innovative, daring and unifying talents will make it possible to propel innovation projects and make it a real know-how that your fiercest competitors will envy you.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn how to create a mindset conducive to finding solutions
  • Learn to develop an innovative solution in record time with a smartly designed organization
  • Learn to activate the collective brain
  • Learn to organize efficient meetings that generate actionable decisions
  • Learn to manage uncertainties


Deciding in fog is destructive. Teams pressured to speed up work and stressed by unrealistic timelines, make high impact decisions without having the knowledge and information necessary for thoughtful and serious analysis. The impacts of these bad decisions are disastrous for the business. The speed of execution of the tasks, their cost and their success depends on the robustness of the decisions taken at the very beginning of the definition of the action plan.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn how to make an informed decision
  • Learn to avoid making bad decisions
  • Learn how to conduct a preparation / investigation / exploration phase before decision making
  • Learn to identify the risks and to manage them intelligently


Human capital is the most precious part of a company, far more precious than all the financial capital in the world. Effective managers adopt brilliant attitudes to take care of this inestimable capital for the company, namely the human beings who make it exist. These managers a rare, they constantly develop their psychological acuity by being attentive and listening to the members of their teams. They leave nothing to chance. They know how to analyze all situations and deduce actionable decisions with rapid implementation to enable the company to achieve its biggest successes.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn to understand the behavior of your team members
  • Learn to develop an employee's potential
  • Learn to be the catalyst that allows everyone to give the best of themselves for the company's benefit
  • Learn to adopt a factual and pragmatic approach with your teams
  • Learn to communicate with clarity and sincerity


The inertia of your life makes you suffer. Things are progressing with difficulty, everything is slow and laborious and you have the impression of undergoing the events. The origin of this feeling of powerlessness is the absence of inner harmony. This results in a loss of lucidity, energy and strength. And this is how we believe that life damages us, when it is ourselves who damage ourselves. The only action, the only solution is to find inner unity. To do this, you have to dare to discover your true nature and give it the means to bloom.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn to let your true nature take all the space it needs to express itself
  • Learn to protect and love yourself
  • Learn to take action now
  • Learn to stay determined
  • Learn how to manage intelligently situations


If only you knew how powerful and intelligent you are. If no one told you, not even your parents or relatives, it does not mean that you are not this gifted being. Your potential for creativity is unlimited. It's time to awaken that power within you. Don't let your true nature sleep. The field of possibilities available to you is infinite. When you allow your true nature to express itself and take the reins of your life, you will feel an intensity of life that you have never felt before.

Attendee Results:

  • Learn to give and receive happiness
  • Learn to initiate the events and not to undergo them
  • Learn to practice the language of intention
  • Learn to clean your brain from societal, family, cultural conditioning.
  • Learn to program your brain to find the good idea

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