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Nancy Douyon      

Founder & Chairwoman of Douyon Signature; Former International User Experience Researcher at Uber

As CEO of Douyon Signature, a global User Experience (“UX”), Inclusive Design & Responsible Innovation consultancy, she guides and coaches business executives to implement inclusive strategic solutions for technology and consumer companies.

Coined a Global Design Ethicist & Product Philosopher, Douyon empowers leading Fortune 500 companies to embrace responsible innovation and create accessible, equitable, and inclusive products and services. Non-confidential clients include Netflix, LVMH, Cisco, Uber, Stripe, Spotify, Colgate and Mars among others.

Prior to her entrepreneur journey Douyon spent two decades in the tech industry helping leading companies like Google, IBM, Intel and Uber incorporate human experience in their product design. She led the UX for Google FI Mobile where she received the Global Business Platinum Award in recognition of her strategic and long-term impact to Google culture at the global level. At Facebook, Douyon has an advisory role for harm and responsible innovation.

Douyon’s most recent work focused on building an enterprise platform focused on inclusive and universal design. The goal of this platform is to help business units avoid unintended product harms to individuals, communities, and society with consequence scanning, foresight modeling, stakeholder immersions, and more.

A Haitian American immigrant, Douyon holds a M.A. human-computer interaction from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Speech Topics

Equity & inclusion in User Experience (UX)

  • Cultural humility
  • Leverage privilege with awareness
  • Create opportunity through access

Inclusivity with Research

  • Discover pattern and trends w/ research
  • Scale radius of influence with research
  • Use research insights to address challenges facing global users

Humanizing design Cultural humility

  • Design as equality vs equity
  • Nobility complex
  • Haitian perspective
  • How to be an ally in the work you do

The ROI of Empathy

  • Deliver value beyond empathy
  • Culture-market fit and context
  • Promoting User Experience(UX) work with product managers and engineers

Compete Trends, Inclusive Design

  • What I learned about inclusive design at Google, Uber, Intel, and X
  • Inclusive design dreams & disasters
  • Uber - Global design
  • Google Fi project work
  • Microsoft Tay bot


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