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Natalie Kyriacou OAM    

Environmental + Social Impact Leader, Australian Top Innovator & Australia’s Top ‘Green’ Voice

Natalie Kyriacou OAM is an award-winning social entrepreneur, CEO, Board and Corporate Advisor, public speaker, writer, and Environmental and Social Impact leader.

A recognized global leader in sustainability, Kyriacou was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia and the Forbes 30 Under 30 Honor for her services to wildlife and environmental conservation in 2018. She was a United Nations Environment Program Young Champion of the Earth Finalist, and, in 2022, was recognized as one of The Australian’s ‘Top Innovators’ in recognition of her environmental and social impact as well as a LinkedIn ‘Top Green Voice’.

Kyriacou is the CEO of My Green World, a corporate and government Environmental Advisor at PwC, and an ESG and Biodiversity Subject Matter Expert. She is a Board Committee Member at CARE Australia, a Member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and the former Australian Director of Sri Lanka-based NGO, Dogstar Foundation.

Highly regarded for her authentic leadership in the environmental and social impact spaces, her passion and expertise lie in exploring the intersection of environmental and social equity issues and how these issues are navigated across commercial, political, and community landscapes.

Kyriacou advises world leaders on environmental and social policy and has driven the expansion, growth and impact of a range of businesses, social enterprises and non-profits around the world.

Speech Topics

From Rhetoric to Reality: The Business of Sustainability

Powerful forces are reshaping the modern landscape in which leaders now operate, ushering in a new era of business that places environmental stewardship and social equity at the centre. Greater expectation is on businesses and leaders to reframe their company’s role in society and navigate the intersection of environmental, social and governance forces. How can businesses take this bold new wave of commitments from rhetoric to reality and create value along the way?

Harnessing technology and innovation for the planet

Technology has the potential to both extend and enrich our experience of life on earth and unlock new solutions to society’s most pressing environmental challenges, or conversely, to widen inequalities and pose existential threats to society. How do we navigate this intersection of two modern phenomena: nature's destruction and technology's growth?

Redefining Leadership: The Power, Voice and Impact of Young & Diverse Voices

Why, in our conversations about corporate leadership, do we not talk more about the power, voice and impact of young people? These voices are consistently underestimated and disregarded. If we want to know the skills, traits and qualities of an effective leader today and in the future, we need to look towards and share power with young and diverse people. They are not the leaders of tomorrow. They are the leaders of today. And they are shaping our society in profound ways.

The New Leadership Landscape: The Moral and Economic Importance of DEI

A signal has been sent to leaders: That is, Diversity, social inclusion, and environmental stewardship are key determinants of a leader's (and businesses) ability to sink or swim. The dominant paradigm that traditionally excluded women, culturally diverse people, Indigenous peoples and young and marginalized people is coming to an end.

In this time of massive transition, a time when many of us are leading despite the obstacles that face women - particularly marginalised women, we have a unique opportunity to help create an environment that fosters inclusion and shares power with others.


Women environmentalists have long been silenced and belittled. We must remember their contributions
e are going to drift back to the dark ages where witchcraft and witches reign”. These were the words spoken by Dr. Robert Metcalf, vice-chancellor of the University of California, in 1963. The “witch” he spoke of was Rachel Carson, who is now widely recognised as the pioneer of modern-day environmentalism. Carson triggered one of the largest global environmental movements in history and forever changed the face of the global environmental landscape.

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