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History-Making Extreme Adventurer, Award-Winning Author & Global Investor

Neal Petersen has completed two amazing journeys in his life: a single-handed yacht race around the world, 27,000 miles, 9 months at sea, alone, in the smallest - least-funded yacht he designed and built himself. And an even more arduous trip of overcoming racial prejudice during the Apartheid era in South Africa, poverty, and a childhood physical disability, just to make it to the start line! While sharing his history-making riveting life story – life lessons and philosophy, Petersen's personal messages transform attitudes to look at set-backs and barriers in a different way. He expands the mind, with new hope and determination to break down any barrier, real or perceived, and to be better prepared to navigate and tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Award-winning author of Journey of a Hope Merchant his autobiography Petersen shares real life examples of how he overcame insurmountable barriers by always turning set-backs and disadvantages into advantages—then into opportunities. Petersen demonstrates how success is realized—through innovation, balancing risk against return and being flexible enough to adapt to constant shifting winds.

As a world we are facing our "Cape Horn". More than any other time in history, people must be focused, have a solid strategy, create a dependable team, respect the competition and get to the finish line in the most efficient method. In this process, there will be headwinds of resistance, stormy seas of change, or just the immense challenges of having daunting objectives on a limited budget. This is a story of hope, resilience and accomplishment; it’s truly inspiring and reflects a powerful message that "In life there are no barriers ~ only solutions!"

Petersen’s keynote is a great kick-off; it’s interactive, humorous, motivational, customized to fit a theme and relevant. Using real life examples between the uncertainty of the sea and the challenges that people deal with every day, personally and professionally are riveting. Carrying a treasure chest on stage, Petersen shows how he turned disadvantages into advantages.. Images also bring his story to life and enhance the experience. For larger audiences lightning, thunder and fog are part of the experience.

Petersen can deliver keynotes, full or ½ day leadership programs and team-building option following the keynote. He can also facilitate, leadership workshops and breakout sessions and he will be engaged in conversations with attendees until he leaves for the airport. Petersen is affordable and easy to work with.

Speech Topics

No Barriers - Only Solutions (VIRTUAL)

Since the pandemic many employees are not traveling as they did before and virtual keynotes are the continued alternative. Neal Petersen takes virtual attendees on a journey around the world through his experiences of turning every barrier into an opportunity to achieve his dream. Neal shares how, through the power of a dream, through perseverance, dedication, true grit - and never letting anyone place a label on you, he created his philosophy - In Life There are No Barriers ~ Only Solutions!

Neal is a world-class adventurer and your virtual keynote may deliver from a backdrop of mountain vistas surrounding his Caribbean home - or the sea, from onboard his yacht in the Caribbean. But never in front of a bookcase. He lives what he shares and it's never boring.

If you're seeking a transformative, motivating, powerful story-teller, packed with real life lessons to help attendees better prepare to navigate their future - Neal Petersen delivers, virtually, or on a stage.

Change Is Constant: It’s How You Play the Cards

Audiences will understand that you have to address the possibility of failure if one wants to achieve great things. His message will connect with audience members’ experience facing challenges – sales quotas for instance – that may seem formidable at first – until imagination, innovation and passion are applied.

With Choice There Is Consequence

Neal’s impact transcends age, gender, and race to promote the creation of leaders, life-long learners, and individuals who are mindful of the consequences their choices will have on personal, familial, community, and generational levels.

The Importance of Realizing Goals: Perseverance & Determination

Overcoming fear and facing danger and the unknown has been central to how Neal approaches his goals and his life. Audiences will walk away understanding the validity for direct correlations between perseverance, determination, passion and dedication to achieve any goal.

The Power of Positive Attitude & How It Affects Performance

Neal has always defined himself by what he can imagine – rather than how others would define him and how he sustained his dream in the face of numerous barriers is compelling.

No Barriers ~ Only Solutions

Neal carries a treasure chest on-stage and in it examples of how he turned every barrier into opportunities to achieve his dream and empowers others to turn their baggage and set backs into opportunity

  • How Neal used innovation to find solutions is key to success.
  • How to capitalize on ever changing winds storms by being prepared and the importance of finding the right team to help get you there. .
  • how we can all marshal our inner strengths, stretch our capabilities and realize remarkable achievements.
  • Adapt to wind shifts and stormy seas by knowing when to alter course.
  • Leverage the current economic challenges to your advantage
  • Keep pumping, choose a winning course and navigate to your advantage.
  • Refresh your vision and attitude, find your purpose.
  • Elements of success include passion, determination, perseverance and working smart.
  • With a clear vision, focus and planning, a dream can become a reality.

  • Neal's words inspire confidence by making the pathway to success seem like something that every individual can attain.

  • Attendees walk away with passion, a refocus and shift in attitude necessary to achieve their goals and dreams.

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