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Adventurer, Author, World- Class Motivational Speaker

Neal Petersen is an inspirational business speaker who shares his extraordinary life experiences. He delivers a powerful and timely message of adaptability and perseverance, drawing on how he overcame the formidable barriers of a childhood physical disability, poverty, and the humiliation of Apartheid in South Africa to compete in one of the most dangerous of all sports: solo yacht racing around the globe - 27,000 miles, nine months at sea - in a yacht he designed and built himself.

Petersen turned barriers into solutions by never giving up. An award-winning author and the subject of a PBS documentary, Neal Petersen is a born storyteller - riveting, engaging, and captivating. He challenges audiences to find their treasures and use their experiences to navigate these difficult times to their advantage. Audience members are guaranteed to stay on the edge of their seats as he empowers them to excel in life, just as he has.


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Neal Petersen
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No Barriers - Only Solutions

Neal’s keynote is unique in his delivery, carrying a treasure chest on stage – Neal challenges his audience to carry treasures – not baggage. He takes his audience on a journey filled with content they can use everyday. Inside the chest are things symbolic to Neal’s success in overcoming his insurmountable barriers and challenges the audience to think about their treasure -what they have in experience to aid in planning for a successful future.

Halfway through the presentation Neal shows actual footage of rounding Cape Horn - solo. A very powerful video showing Neal living his life long dream - his “Mt Everest”.. Now what’s next? How do you go forward once you have achieved your “Mt Everest”.

Our goal is to be a part of your conference to assist meeting planners in generating maximum results for their audience. At no additional fee - Neal is willing to do in-house welcome videos, book-signings, lunches, receptions, awards, media appearances, executive breakfasts and any special requests you may have to maximize audience impact – just ask!

Neal was rated the best speaker ever at IBM’s Global STGU Conference. After Neal’s opening keynote to 8,000 attendees, Neal sold and personalized over 1,000 copies of his award winning autobiography, Journey of a Hope Merchant, with a solid line out the door for six hours! Unscheduled, but willing, Neal was asked to be on a plane three days later to open the sister conference in Europe to another 5,000 attendees. It was history at IBM.

Neal’s keynote becomes the talk of every event. Audiences walk away with a renewed attitude that anything is possible – “There are No Barriers ~ Only Solutions!”

The Power of Positive Attitude & How It Affects Performance

Neal has always defined himself by what he can imagine – rather than how others would define him and how he sustained his dream in the face of numerous barriers is compelling.

The Importance of Realizing Goals: Perseverance & Determination

Overcoming fear and facing danger and the unknown has been central to how Neal approaches his goals and his life.

Choose Wisely: With Choice There Is Consequence

Neal’s impact transcends age, gender, and race to promote the creation of leaders, life-long learners, and individuals who are mindful of the consequences their choices will have on personal, familial, community, and generational levels.  His keynote provides validity for direct correlations between perseverance, determination, motivation, and dedication to achieve any goal.

Change Is Constant: It’s How You Play the Cards

Audiences will understand that you have to address the possibility of failure if one wants to achieve great things. His message will connect with audience members’ experience facing challenges – sales quotas for instance – that may seem formidable at first – until imagination, innovation and passion are applied.

The Role of Social Responsibility in Corporate America

Establishing trust and personal responsibility is part of the foundation of leadership and achievement. In addition to Neal’s innovative use of technology and the plain guts and determination that drove his success, discussion about the values and ethics that frame his goals and achievements – and how these values power one’s achievements and ambition will be explore. Neal is an extraordinary thought-leader and global visionary, who empowers others to think globally and generationally with the highest ethics when making decisions –as to how those decisions impact you, your family, your community and ultimately the next generation.  A most needed message for today’s future leaders!

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